Great Week in Bolognesi

ok everyone what's going we're gonna try this one hour internet thing and see how this goes. in all honesty i think it's kinda pointless to say we have one hour and then not let us write to anyone outside of our families but ya know it's good and what the president wants so i wont complain. president maines in Bolivia is the same way so i might as well get used to it.

so ya this week was another great week...even better i think than last week. we found some new people had 5 in the church again. we have one girl with fecha for this saturday...might have another young boy with fecha for this saturday tomorrow..depending on his parents. and if all goes good should have two baptisms before i get shipped out to bolivia. in all honesty i really want these two baptisms. well i want a lot more but not for me. i want them so that i can remember bolognesi. even though this is my ugliest area and most dangerous, I've come to love it. i love being here. i don't really know why, in all honesty i don't wanna come back to this part when i finish the mission but i just love to work here. strange. i just really want this ward to grow and get better. it's strange because each ward has something about it that we connect with. in san juan that ward was like my family. just one big family. here in bolognesi i look at it as if i just wanna help them grow. like they're the kids and I'm a parent. it's kinda weird and hard to explain but something like that.

and ya so the two people with meta are bridget and jimmy. bridget is the little sister of our mission leader. for whatever reason they didn't baptize her at 8 so we get the number now that shes 9. but they said that she would have to decide for herself and the first time we taught her this girl just knew. i mean she'd gone to church a lot and everyone thought she was member so when we asked her if she wanted to get baptized she said...of course i do when can we. it was cute cause in her prayer she said ...thank you for my baptism that I'm gonna have....and just a really cute but ready girl. she's smart too. i wish i had been that smart when i was nine.

and then there's jimmy. he is our contact golden investigator. found him 3 weeks ago and each week since in the church. amazing really. but we want to baptize him this week to but didn't have the chance to talk to him after church on sunday so ya we have a cita with him tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. he's a great kid, 13 years old. he has Jehovah witness influence. it's actually kinda funny. everyone in his family is either Mormon or Jehovah witness except for his parents...who are inactive catholics. kinda funny. but we're happy for him and hope all goes well

so to answer some questions, no i don't know when I'm going to bolivia. still they haven't called. in theory we are just waiting for that last call to say pack ur bags and be in the office in two days, but who knows when that'll come. we are waiting for our visa. they did all the paper work and everything just need the visa. they said two to three weeks so it should be this or next week. fun fun.

outside of that nothing to bad has happened this week. kinda a nice chill week. and ya mom i got the packet. but the office did tell me to tell y'all that if you send packages and there is more than 100 dollars worth of stuff that well have to pay for it. supposedly the office said the package had 200 dollars worth of stuff and wanted me to pay another 240 soles for it, or something ridiculous like that. they even asked me to tip the guy who brings it from the post office. but whatever. just soes that y'all know...and it probably wont matter because when i go to bolivia the packages take like 3 months to get to me so i would say it'd be better not to send them anyways....but if you send packages put the receipts or have someone make a fake one and say that what's in there is less than 100 dollars.

so this one hour thing seems really boring. but on one note this week is Peru's like independence day. the 28th, tomorrow. so happy birthday peru. they celebrate this more than Christmas....they have their priorities mixed up sometimes, but whatever i'll eat good for it. o and today is also Amanda's two year baptism birthday. that's cool. so happy two years you mormon girl, your baptism was my first and favorite up to this point. thank you amanda.

so outside of that not to much else to say i think. ya know its funny i have one hour now which is what everyone wanted...but I've only used half and hour and so i guess the whole hour thing is overrated. but its still good. i didn't have very many letter this week...cough cough cough..cough...cough... just saying. no I'm kidding....but seriously mom number two ya know I've been waiting for one. and a very public thank you and i love you for both my mom and mom number two....and of course dad. and i hope abuelo is doing ok. let me know. bye

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