Bolivia, here I come

ok, everyone you're gonna have to forgive me for this letter. it's gonna be amazingly short even though maybe i have some interesting things to say. i'll try to write about them next week, but in all honesty don't think i'll remember.

so I'm going to bolivia....tomorrow. kinda got me by surprise when they called yesterday at 11:30 to tell me to be in the office on tuesday morning at 7. surprise surprise, it wasn't a joke.

so ya, basically I've got a mini freak-out thing going on. i don't know if I'm more excited or worried or just scared. in any case by wednesday i should be in bolivia. so not much more to say honestly. i cant even think of anything else.

o wait, i can. we baptized briggette crispin yauri on saturday and was confirmed yesterday. very cool and a great baptism service. ya, so that's that

sorry about it but i have a lot to do i have to get my suitcases to weigh less than 23 kilos and that's not likely to happen. in any case i'll try. so we're gonna get started on the packing and goodbyes.

I'll write more next week

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