Ready for Boliva AND almost getting robbed

so hi everyone. this week was interesting for me and my comp. a great week in terms of the work. we found a ton of new people and have some people with goals for the first two weeks of august. the only problem with all that is that today i finished everything for bolivia. the only thing left is the phone call saying pack your bags you're leaving. and they say that will be within one or two weeks. which i am very thankful for. these last two weeks, for me personally, have been really oober hard. don't know why just felt kinda depressed and not too excited about much. but now knowing that i'm going to my mission, finally after so much waiting just gives me a new hope. i'm so excited to go. the problems here weren't the area really or my comps...they've been great. the office has given me a lot of problems and the rooms and just whatever but that's all behind us.

so remember last week i said that we had a contact who went to church and whatever. that kid...jimmy has got a meta for the 1st of august. just a really cool kid. i hope I'm here bc up to this point in my mission i haven't baptized a contact. all have been references or part member families. so I'm really excited for that but don't think i'll be here to see it. we also have the sister of our mission leader who for whatever reason didn't get baptized at 8 and is nine so it counts for us. sorta like cheating but hey you get what you can. so we're sorta excited. we also found 8 new people this week who seem to be really good. five went to church this week. a lot better than the one that went last week. so we're excited. we have been working good and with some new programs that we made up. they seem to be working really good so i'll take them with me to my new areas. they're called....every member a missionary, which includes every week going into one of the organizations and teaching about missionary work. how to give a reference or how to give out a book of Mormon. something like that. the others i learned about the book of mormon. which includes going to the house of the members and leaving goals for them to read the scriptures as a family every day. and the last is the temple, is an eternal goal...which also includes going to the houses of members and getting them focused on the temple. so that's what we're doing. outside of that we have our lessons and time to contact every week. but a lot less this week than the first.

so ya the new pres has apparently made some changes about the internet. i haven't officially heard anything bc this morning i had to go to the office so i didn't go with the zone. but rumor has it we'll be getting one hour of Internet. so that's cool. and then the bad is that we won't be able to send emails to anyone outside of our family. which only actually affects like two people for me but still i don't like it at all. the punishment for breaking it is pretty harsh too. i don't know if it starts today or not but I'm not gonna risk it. so sorry Amanda that's why you don't have a letter. not my fault. but ya so i'll have plenty of time to read letters so make em longer or send more whatever y'all wanna do.

so on a good note. this week i almost got robbed. almost. i was with another greengo in a change and three little thieves come up behind us and apparently tried to take elder alders wallet. now i didn't see that but after that they stuck around and were like dancing behind us saying o look at the greengos and ya. then one of the kids tried to take of my backpack. i actually didn't realize that he was trying to take it off. i thought he was just playing. he was only like 13 or something. but ya i got mad and started chasing after the kid. i was gonna beat him down for touching my backpack and then i realized that he was trying to steal it and not playing with it. then i heard elder alder yell for me to stop and i did. only then did i realize that the kid ran around the corner in the dark and i had seen some other people there earlier and it struck me that this kids job isn't to do the stealing but to lead the people to that corner to be robbed my bigger people. smart kid i thought. and apparently our pench says that they use two big dogs to help win the fight. so ya ...good thing i heard elder alder yell. but ya that's how i almost got robbed. but i don't think my area is that dangerous. maybe. who knows but we watch ourselves pretty good and most people know that we don't really have anything valuable. except the pages of the book of mormon and bible which they steal and use to smoke. but haven't done it to me. so Bryce the race is still on. that doesn't count as getting robbed.

so since i still don't know if i have 1 hour or half a hour I'm only gonna do half because the pres seems to have burnt the zone leaders really badly about how the mission is tronki and all this good stuff. its true of course but I'm leaving anyways. he apparently think my zone is the most his exact words. which means has the most girls who go after the missionaries. the zone leaders have to interview every set of missionaries and all that good stuff. but when they were supposed to talk to me one of them who knows me pretty good said.. no this kid already has a wife at home, nothings gonna happen with him. i sorta laughed and just... well what could i do. Amanda thanks for saving me a ten minute interview.

so my area is kinda cool though, we have a big tourist attraction apparently here. there were a lot of greengos anyways. it's nice too. i sent pics to mom and whatever. barranco is one of the oldest developed areas in Peru so it's sorta historical. i think it's gone to the dumps but there is like one nice part. like surco. most of it's poor and a rich part that is really hard to work in.

so here though I'm sure i wont be eating anything strange. my last pench was from kahamarka which is why i ate so much weird stuff. she is from lima so i wont eat too much strange things i think. ok times up

bye everyone. if you have question or whatever let me know. bye

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Anonymous said...

He is such a delight! What a wonderful missionary and example of doing what's right no matter how hard things are. Please feel my love and support. How are you holding up with two of your precious boys so far away?

Love and hugs,