Email 9/29/08 - Still Lima

ok wats up everybody.

this keyboard that im using is weird so ur gonna see alot of typing errors. sorry

ok so thisx week has been really cool. we got two more people with dates for baptism and they are both chill. we got a lot of investigators but not all of them are progressing. we are also visitin a lot of inactive families wtih some members who arent baptized so we could have a lot more. thats the worrking side of things. all is good and looking forward to general conference

now i want to say happpy birthday to some people. dad obviously, the 3rd. anthony is the tenth of oct, and liz had her birthday last saturday. happy birthday everyone.

now about the mailing. when u want to send something its best they say to send it to the office. from wat i hear they will give it to the zone leaders who give it to us in our zone and district meetings. so thats supposedly how thats supposed to work. because we live in teh house of a family htey dont want to bother that family with our letters and whatever. and yes i did get one dear elder today. so i dont know how many u sent but we do get them. thanks

now about my comp. chill sweet little peruvian. his names elder utia and we work good together. i still have problems with door aproaches so he elps a lot there, but outside of that we share the load. hes a cool trainer though.

i wanna send the pics that i have, i have aobut 300 from the ccm and the field so far but im trying to find a way that if nothing will happen to it. like it get stolen or anything. some elders download them on a flash drive and then send the card. i think i might do that.

uuuuummm, thanks for writting me this week. i love getting ur emails and sorry i cant always respond idividually but the time thihng doesnt quite allow it. but i do appreciate it all.

for request of my father here is my daily schedule

wake up at 630
7 breakfast
8 personal study
9 comp study
10 leave and work
1 lunch
2 training
3 work
6 dinner
7 work
930 in the room
1030 lights out

thats that. i dont havce to much time to exercise, but i do write in my journal somehting i take as something i really need to do. but some days have more details, other have not so much. still its nice and im glad i am

o i just have to say that the dbacks getting eliminated kinda not cool. but whatever. now let me know how asu and the cards do in football, and whats going on with teh suns, if they messed up the team more or if the changes they did might actually work. just briefly cause in all reality i dont care to much right now, but its nice to know

o and the force unleashed, the star wars game. that has to be amazing. i saw some kids playing it here, i wanted to die just being around something star wars but it looked so gooooooooood. the sacrifices i make as an elder.

i think thats about it. thanks everyone and if u have any questions or anything just ask and ye shall receive.

Email 9/22/08 - Lima South

ok whats up everybody. so this week was really chill, or cool if you dont quite understand chill.

baptism number one and two officially in the book. two young guys one 17 one 16 got baptised on saturday and sunday. that is apparently a miracle for this area since they hadnt had one for four months before last week. so that was really cool. one of hte kids is gonna come work with us a little this week and the other said that his goal was to get his mom grandma and brother baptised. on top of that me and elder utia have 8 new investigators, more references to find and two old ones. so the work seems to be going great. very cool. my comp baptized one of the kids, carlos tabori and a priest in the ward baptized the other, victor icant remember his last name. but both are oober good kids, both have plans on going on a mission. even though i really didnt teach them much officially i get hte number and the pics. most important. but ya so 2. cool beans

outside of that the work is the same. everyday we look for more people to teach, knocking on doors. some argue, some say theyre busy, but some let us teach a little and at least let us set up a return date. so its nice.

ill get the address of my room for next week so you can check exactly where i live and whatever dad. and you guys got the address of hte mission right. i put it in the last one i wrote. if not ill send it again.

i want to thank everyone who reads this for their help and support. i know how many prayers are being said for the missionaries and i know its apreciated. we can have success on those alone, but it helps to work hard too. which we do, cause this is a sacrifice for us. hard work and hard to keep focused on the now and not the future, but we press forward and get just enough help

hte members in my ward are sweet. i didnt go like 5 min without someone asking us to do something, telling us we need to visit one of their friends, or trying to get to know us, and have us go over to their house. its sweet. like my two home wards. i feel like home there which always help.

one sister has really become like a mom to me too. she always is like that with the missionaries but it helps a lot. she made her son give me a sweater even though i said i didnt need one, she said that if i didnt put it on and wear it she would be upset and not help if i got sick. like any mom she basically forced me to wear it with love. thats ok though. shes great.

outside of that not much. thanks again for the help and support and everything else.

and if you guys wannna hear more bout something or want me to tell you more details bout anything, just send an email and let me know. im here to serve for two years, not just in peru but anyone i can.

talk to you next week

change of mission - 9/14 & 9/15

(Email from Sunday, 9/14/08)

so this is not monday but we got special permission to write today cause we got hte news that i will not be going to bolivia.

apparently they are in a civil war and they are pulling out all the americans. so ill stay here in lima south adn will be getting transferred tomorrow. i should be able to write tomorrow too, so yall can write back adn try to lift me up a bit cause im not gonna lie im kinda dissapointed. however, i guess it really doesnt matter where you serve as long as you do. so ya

outside of that the work here has gone good. we have 3 people with baptism dates but today will be my last day with any of them. we have 9 investigators and ya, so not bad for 3 weeks.

im doing ok with spanish, its almost to the point were i can understand everything, instead of jsut everything bout the gospel. so thats nice. im working hard adn trying to learn everything that i can you know. i like to learn.

outside of all of that i dont know what else to say. you can write back in emails, but try to keep them somewaht short and dont be upset if i cant write to much tomorrow.

2morrow ill give the address of this mission at which point you can send cards and or packages and i will send stuff back. i found out bout some program that lets us save all out pics and im pretty sure if i set one up and give yall the password and whatever you can get them that way, but ive never been to good with computer stuff so who knows.

thanks everyone for your help and stuff. i dont know what yall will do with anything that says im going to bolivia, at the very least itll be a good laugh when i get bakc. peru is cool though. limas the sister city to buenos aires, but rumor has it im going way south, close to the border of chile or something, but rumors here end up wrong.. i should know tomorrow.

ok adios for know, till 2 morrow.

and for anyone whose counting only 648 days left
21 fast sundays or months
and like 16 more transfers or something like that

but i didnt do that math, one of the other americans did it, i just thoguh it was funny he figured that out.

(1st email - Monday 9/15)

ok so today all i know is that im going down south out of the city. im leaving lima but staying in the mission for good almost 99 percent sure of that.

im doing good you know. starting to accept the fact that im staying in peru and not goin to bolivia, but i like peru so thats not a bad thing. its a nice place and im glad i get to be here. the spanish is cool too, learnign a lot of peruvian slang and stuff like that so when i come back you can say im basically peruvian.

so i think thats it. im excited for this change cause itll help me a lot. ill get a trainer and will go to an area with just me and my comp they said. so itll be cool. i look at this as sorta a cool little change. i dont know anything boout this mission though, in terms of boundaries and stuff like that, maybe yall could fill me in. i really know nothing. right now i havent even had an interview with teh pres or to be honest i dont even remember his name. ferreras or somthing like htat. but ya let me know.

o and since this week is amandas bday happy birthday, and mistias need to send pics of baby 13. so ya i would say dont send stuff just yet. let me ask how things work now that im gonna stay and next monday i will tell you exactly how.

thanks everyone

(2nd email - Monday, 9/15 - and NEW Mission Assignment)

ok so who knew two times in one day was allowed, but apparently it is some transfers, or my new comp just wants more time. hes great though, been out for 14 months cool guy. latino also from peru. im excited for that.

so my new area of work...... surco surco lima peru. or something like that. its about 40 minutes from where i was but some parts are a lot poorer. nice place mostly though. the room is cooler too. cause its only two of us and a nice little room. cute anyways.

so my comp worked this area before and said that they had one baptism last month and hadnt had one for the previous 5 so that means, a lot of work. but he says that they have 3 good investigators who might be getting baptized soon. so i came here at a good time. im oober excited to be in this part with this comp. his names elder utia.

o the part of this letter im most looking forward to........ you can send letters and packages, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, whatever you want to peru for me now.

the address is something like:

Elder Taliercio
Mission Peru lima south
av jorge basadre 592-piso 6 OF.604 A
Casilla 140293
San Isidro- Lima Peru

i dont know if thats it exactly but mom im sure you can find out and tell everyone too. um so this isnt exactly me asking for stuff cause its probably expensive to send but if you love me you will send stuff. just kidding, really yall dont have to. just so that you know you can. and if you do let me know in an email or something so that i can expect it and see if things get here or get robbed.

they say dont put things that jingle jangle cause they think its money. so no skittles ya know. and dont send packages that are to big, cause they like those too. to be honest i dont need anything anyways, but i always like letters of love. just paper and love.

so ya, thanks for everyone whos helped and supported and prepared and whatever other stuff you can think of. im excited to be here to do this cool work and hopefully get some success.


Email - September 8 - Lima South, Peru

ok whats up everybody. this week in peru has been kinda interesting.

first the details.

they are having a meeting today and apparently are gonna figure things out. however, if things dont work out todya they say ill probably be spending a couple of weeks or months here. so thats cool. the place is really nice even tho the work is hard.

o i cant forget, happy birthday pam. adn happy birthday amanda in a couple of days. i wont say what day for fear that its not right. but pam you said that for your bday you wanted me to commit someone to bapism and so we did. his names arturo. were teaching him and his family and commited him this to be baptized at the end of the month. we wont be in the area tho, so we wont be able to do the baptism most likely. me and my comp have 6 investigators, which is pretty good for starting with nothing and only being here for a week and a half. were excited but like i said theyre moving us to a different part of the city.
cool beans ya know.

i wanna thank everyone for writting the emails, you don know how much they help me. ill try to respond to some today so this letter will be kinda short. but i am also aware of everyone reading this letter. thanks for your support and your help in my life. if it wasnt for everything id done before i got here i couldnt handle the work and stress that comes from being here.

im trying to do all i can for the work. its a good work. thanks to everyone for your help.

all is good too. feeling good, sleeping good, eating good, and all other stuff goood.

till next time.

Email - September 1 - Peru Lima South

ok well first letter from peru, the field life. and it wont be my only one. the field is a million times better than the mtc but it is really hard.

first of all lima south mission is pretty cool but they have us in the hardest part of the misison. its the richest part which is why its the hardest. its actually a lot like the big cities in america, but in spanish. so its kinda cool. but most people dont listen to us. the work they have us doing is looking up all the references that we gfot this last saturday. its been kinda cool, cause we saw some guys that we talked to come to church this sunday. fun fun. however, my comp is a latino who just got out of the mtc the same day i did. because of that weve had a hard time adjusting to what we need to do. i get no trainer or senior comp. its cool but it makes the work seem that much harder becuase niether one of us really knows what to do some of the time. also because were both new we start with out any contacts or appointments. which was hard to get some. but we did and we are trying to teach them as best we can and its going really good actually. we try our best.

ok thats sorta it. nothing to exciting. we work a lot, have like no extra free time. which is actually a blessing. we walk about 15 kilometers a day and ride the bus like 3 or 4 times.

we actually arent sleeping on the floor. they went out and bought brand new bunk beds for us. but we have 12 people in the room. thats fun. its pretty big though so its not to bad. im thankful for what we have, even though we have no water and need to buy it at the stores. its fun you know. so mom just to let you know i need to take some money out of the bank, cause the money they give us isnt enough for the rides, but what can you do.

our pench or food lady is realy cool. great food adn feeds us till were full. it helps. today obivously is my pday. and no i dont have more time to write. but thanks for everyone who wrote me, i appreciate it.

like i said in the other i would prefer that we not send letters to this mission but if you do, use dear elder. i dont know though how it works. maybe you can call and ask if itll go to this mission attomatically or if you need to do somehting. but ya figure that out.

im excited to be here but its hard work. but i like to work hard. so its all cool.

thats basically it. if anyone has any questions or whatever, email. i cant print it out yet either. so try to keep them short, but three or four paragraphs is short enough that i can skim through eight letters like i did today, and still explain whats going on. i wont be sending any letters out either. sorry. just this emial. i will as soon as i can.

bye till next week