Through challenges and trouble we fulfilled our goals

ok so this week has been something kinda cool. so i finished my first year in the mission and like everyone says it just seems that the time has passed so fast. its crazy. but I'm glad that it goes fast because it makes you work good. you think man i don't have that much time left so you just go and go like the energizer bunny on steroids. the party was really cool and fun and i sent mom like a million fotos so they should get up soon. it was really cool with some other elders and pinatas and cake in the face ad stuff. very cool.

so then this week we had a baptism too. it was esther veronica vazquez chuque and ya. very cool girl. but ya like always a lot of problems. we changed the time and day of her baptism like 8 times. no joke. it was supposed to be on friday and then saturday and in the end sunday morning. but we had ward conference so it had to be really early. like 7 30 so that was fun. but the baptism turned out nice. i baptize her and again mom has fotos. proof that I'm sending fotos over mommy

so this week we had a girl who was gonna get baptized but hasn't gone to church in two weeks so were gonna wait till next week. this week is gonna be kinda bum week i think because we're gonna have to change rooms and it's really far away from the pench and the office doesn't wanna give us 10 soles more for bus rides over there. also the room is on the limit of our area and in a place somewhat dangerous. so I'm not happy with it. but i'm leaving anyways. we'll only be there like 5 days or something. but I'm worried about the other elders. but i guess the president knows what he's doing.

so this month we fulfilled our goal finally. it was a lot of work and not easy. a lot of problems and challenges but we did it. and in the conference there were close to 130 members which is the most since i got here six months ago.

just soes everyone knows cause you'll find out soon enough is that the word is i'm not going to bolivia for another couple of months. nobody knows really. but apparently some elders had problems with getting their visas and so they're keeping everyone here or something like that.

and ya mom don't worry bout the packets. I'm willing to just let it go and just keep working. i forgot to ask the papi if i could go get the shoes tho but whatever. I'll do it this week. we're gonna be in the office anyways with medina finishing. o which reminds me this week is cambios week. and ya I'm gonna have a change. at least of comps and probably area also. i have six months in solidaridad and it's been great but it's a long time. so that's whats going on.

so ya happy june birhtdays to everyone who's had it. especially all the sobrinos. harrison and rythm sorry bout the spelling and ya so have fun everyone. talk to you next week

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