I'm in Bolognesi, zone Chorrillos

so there were a lot of changes for me this week. first a change of area. i'm in bolognesi, zone chorrillos. it's a very dangerous and not a very easy place to work. seems like i always get the worst area of the zone but whatever...we've got a lot of plans and hope to have a good amount of success. the cool thing is that it's right next to surco surco. were i was b4. and we go to the same church. that new church that they were building for them is ours too. so i see all the members from surco and it's an amazingly built church. like a temple to be honest. this thing is huge. twice as big as any I've seen in the united states. i couldn't believe it to be honest. but it's amazing and is gonna help us a lot. so we're happy.

the second change is a change of comps. my new comp is elder quispe. he is a very cool elder. has just as much time as i do in the mission almost....3 weeks more. but he works good, teaches good and will be a good friend. this week has been great and i don't think we'll have any problems with anything.

so another change kinda interesting is that i got lowered you could say to comp menor. kinda funny actually. i promise mom i didn't ask for it but it's sorta what i wanted. being district leader was great and i loved it but i just wanna work and focus on my areas. it's a hard area to tell the truth and so i'm glad that we will be able to just go at it and do what we can. elder quispe was also a district leader b4 and now is comp mayor. so we're good. like i said we get a long amazingly.

and so just so you know where i am. my area, like i said, is somewhat dangerous. if i don't get robbed here i never will, let me put it like that. my second day here i saw a group of guys get run down by cops. they turned the corner and bang.... a good old fashion gunshot. very cool. we see fights and all sorts of cool stuff. amanda this is my payback for you going cliff diving or jumping or whatever it's called. so ha. no, but in all honesty I'm sure we'll be ok. most people don't say anything to us and we keep ourselves safe. we walk on the borders of our areas because the streets are more populated. i have no intention of getting robbed but Bryce the race is on buddy. first one who does buys the other one a steak when we get back.

so ya outside of that the new pres is a great guy. pres. manning from Idaho whose wife doesn't speak like any spanish. it's kinda funny. but she's learning well and really fast. so ya. i don't really know him yet because we only saw him speak at cambios but we should have a multizona and interviews soon and I'll let y'all know how that is.

so the area when i got there had almost nothing. one progressing and only two investigators. this week we took one young boy to church who is really chill. reminds me a lot of john from san juan. a great young kid that guess what...we found knocking doors. look at that, elder taliercio knocking on doors. not gonna hear that from too many of my areas but hear we're determined to do anything we need to to find people.

and ya that's all for this week i think. if anyone has any questions or anything let me know. thanks for all you help and support. and mommy number two needs to write me.....just throwing that out on the table. ya know. it's there ... to pick up and all..... if you want to..

o and bryce take care. I'm excited to hear about you field stuff now. just work and remember to obey the rules

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