From Elder CHristofferson to being bitten by a dog

so whats up everyone

sorta a lot to go through and not much time

this week was really cool. on Wednesday we had a devotional with d todd christofferson and it was really cool. talked about baptism and really prepped us up to see an apostle there. we got to shake his hand and say hi too so that was cool. also since it was in the ccm we got to see all the other elders who were with us in the ccm, well a lot of them. i saw most of the other elders who were going to Bolivia, and something cooler than christofferson was there, my mission president. president maynes was there and everyone, who had Bolivia got to meet him and say hi, that was cool

outside of that, we got one girl with a baptism date, nov 8th so that's chill, today cambios, but not for us. utia wont be dl which is good bc he was starting to get really worried he would have to shape up and be the dl. but its cool. they're adding a new district in our zone so u never know what can happen.

something kinda fun, bryce ur gonna love this, i got bit by a dog. but not bad. luckily i had my book of mormon in my left hand. i walked by and saw this dog laying down. i heard him get up and as i turned around, he bit me. but with the divine revelation we have, i had started lifting up my book and the dog got scared, so he pulled back a little and just got my calf a little, no marks or anything. so that's that.

the work goes good, we've found some families in our areas and are teaching them. they just don't wanna progress though. that is don't wanna go to church. but we try. it seems like whenever we have a great lesson with someone, we go back and they're drunk. a lot of drinking here, which is sorta a problem. most don't wanna drink and want to change, just need some help. so that's that too.

something kinda cool, yesterday, me and utia got caught in a crowd of catholics, they were in a parade type thing and stopped to pray and me and utia were in the middle. well sure enough, a member sees us and yell, hey mormons. and all eyes go to us. he was dressed normally, we are in white shirts and ties, so ya. got some dirty looks after that but all turns out good. it was kinda funny.

that's all i think. thanks for ur help, letters, support and all that. and yes i do get dear elders. just its sorta slow, but the letters are slower cause i haven't gotten any, but no worries. thanks again for everything, i miss u all and since its the second cambio i did the math and have 604 days left, or something close to that. so ya. bye

the work is good

so my first interview with the pres and it was kinda quick. they say all the elders first ones are. it was good, he pepped me up a bit and layed down the law like hes trying to do with all the missionaries. something kinda cool, my comp will most likely be the district leader here or somewhere else. this is the last week of this change and its almost guaranteed i stay here, elder utia also, but hell be the dl. so that's cool.

this week was good. we are working with some inactive families who have some sons and daughters that aren't baptized and that's how were getting most of our investigators. contacting, while I'm getting a lot better finally, still is relatively ineffective here in surco since it's a richer part. but we still get some success from it.

in terms of packages, send anything to the mission office. they take care of anything. but be careful with the packages. most missionaries put a pic of Jesus or a saint cause it means the people wont touch it. also the packages shouldn't be to big, especially coming form the us bc they think it has a lot of rich stuff. so just be careful but thanks for helping me out.

still nobody with baptism dates but we have two that say they want to be baptized they just wanna learn a little bit more. were gonna get them a fecha this week at least one for sure. so the work goes on. this week the apostle christofferson is coming here for a devotional on wed. so thatll be something else. excited for that ya know. my first devotional with an apostle. cool beans

outside of that not much, just wanna say hi to luke and harrison, alana, ian saige and alexis, and all the other ones who are to young to know that I'm saying hi to them. I'm miss u all and be good.

so ya thanks everyone for all ur support and help

Eating all this weird stuff (10/13/08)

whats up y'all-

I think this week was kinda a bust for me and Elder Utia. we worked hard but I was kinda sick, when I was feeling good he was sick. our investigators kinda fell through and we had to go to the office a bunch to get some things like money and stuff figured out, which took away from our work time. Something kinda funny, even though I'm eating all this stuff i don't like, fruit fish and veggies, Elder Utia is the one who is getting sick to his stomach, he's thrown up like 3 or 4 times this week. that's life. but...

through all of that this week we hope to feel better and we will work. we're gonna find so many people to teach it's not funny. and we have some investigators that are getting all the lessons just won't go to church. they will. we'll do whatever it takes. it's about time Surco got some oober hard working missionaries and this week, sick or healthy, we'll show them they have some.

now to answer some questions.

basically all is chill here. me and utia get along great. except when peru lost to bolivia and argentina beat uruguay, he wasn't happy. but we joke around a lot and are like brothers. but he's not like bryce, miss ya buddy. but ya, our pench kinda stinks, that's our food lady. always green stuff with onions or fish. every meal has something we don't want but what can you do. they are supposedly gonna build a new chapel for our ward, but I'll be gone before they finish. and i live in a little community along a road called jorge chavez. in surco, by a military base. so that might help find me on google map.

I actually do have some requests this week. i lost my triple. that is Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price. left it on a bus. somebody got a very cool book. but ya, so i can't get a new one anywhere but the temple and we never go. so ya, also a quechuan dictionary translation book thing. where were staying in our house the hna. speaks quechuan and boy am I determined to learn. I'm even reading the BofM in quechuan, if you count knowing 6 words every 3 verses reading. also ma do you remember that electric shaver u got me, left the charger there at home. sounds like me. some mouthwash cause its crazy expensive here, gel, sounds like me again, air freshners, cause our room smells like soggy wood, cause it is soggy wood. and some ties and coloring books. the kids here like coloring books, and I like ties and have actually given away most of the ties I had to members. especially since the general conference when they said members need to be dressed better for the sacrament. so ya. if you could that would help a ton. i still have a bunch of everything so no worries, just those things would be cool.

outside of that I wanna thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and any other type of help that your giving to me. I really help. my comps girlfriend broke up with him so he thanks you too. we need any type of help we can get.

I think that's all, until next week
Elder Taliercio

Officially in the Peru Lima South Mission

hi yall what's up.

this will probably be a shorter letter cause i got a bunch of letters but not to much to say anyways

the work goes on in peru and is really strong. my zone is doing really good this this month. this week we have 8 baptisms planned with 3 more likely.

on a random note i just got welcomed, officially to the lima sur mission as of wednesday. lunch with prez and all that good stuff. only 6 weeks after i got here. but thats ok, itll make a good story for the grandchildren

peru is nice. the weather is good and like our winters in arizona, almost perfect. but 2 hermanas in the barrio said i needed a sweater so i have two sweaters already until it gets hot. the ward takes care of us real good but still i did get sick this week. my stomach did not like eating so i couldn't eat to much without feeling sick. outside of that all is good.

i did get to see general conference and took some investigators to see it. what a cool thing to actually have prophets in these days. a blessing for us no doubt. i loved the messages and understood them all even thought they were in spanish. my spanish this week has really improved to and my quechuan. the lady we live with speaks quechuan so shes teaching me. cool beans

outside of that not much. if anyone has any questions let me know. and dad I'm gonna get the address of the house and put it next week.sorry i forgot this week.