New zone, new comp, new area

so hey everybody what's up. i'm all by myself right now....sorta. i'm with the zone obviously but without a comp. elder medina is done with his mission. this morning i killed him and sent his body home. i even have fotos. mom you'll get them soon

so ya, obviously, i have cambio. a new area and a new comp. everyone seems convinced that i'm gonna get raised and i think and hope that i don't. i wanna be comp menor or co co. i love being a leader and all that it's a lot of fun and i really like teaching. mostly i just don't like the interchanges i have to do. so as comp menor or coco you don't have to do those. that's the goal. but whatever and wherever i go i'm happy and i won't mind. obviously i'll let ya know next week where i am and about my comp.

so this week was a real normal week. a lot of goodbyes and good stuff like that. we, at the moment, have left a good amount of people for the new elders who come here. we have 3 people who are great and ready for baptism and so they'll be happy for that. we're sad to leave, but that's part of the mission.

just soes that everyone knows. the whole bolivia thing seems to be a joke. i've even heard talk about them bringing the greengos back from there. so in short i don't think i'm going anywhere for a while. which means that you can send letters and packets now. but send them to the mission home for peru lima sur. mom has the address.

the coolest lesson this week was with evelynn who is the friend of medalith who was baptized like 4 weeks ago. evelynn is a 20 year old girl who we teach with her two younger siblings. we teach them in the house of medalith and this week had a great lesson. we were teaching the plan of salvation, my favorite lesson but the hardest for me to teach in spanish. but for me this lesson just was special. i always have some problems with this lesson. don't know y but i do. but this time it was like my mouth moved by itself and i spoke words i don't even think i should be able to know. it was really cool. in the end they accepted a meta for their baptisms for the 18th. it'll be up to the new missionaries to finish the lessons and baptize them.

so this week was the fourth of july. don't do anything for that here tho i forgot that it was completely. sorry america. but ya i'm sure it was cool for you all.

o so we were supposed to change rooms this week but didn't. we got lazy and decided to leave it for the other elders. so they might not be to happy with us. but we never really wanted to go anyways. that's the way the cookie crumbles ya know. so that's that.

ok times up. thanks to everyone and i'll let you know next week about whats going on. i get to meet the new presidnet today. yayayayyayayya. i'm excited.

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