Nephi & Jacob; Jason & Bryce

hey everybody, how's it going.

so some interesting things this week. so this week is cambio but i don't have any changes. i didn't expect to because i will be going to Bolivia soon but still. same comp and area. i should be here only about 3 weeks more but i guess you never know.

so this week we had some cool interesting experiences. we did a noche de hogar or family home evening with our best investigator. her name is medalith cachique and is 20 years old. very cool but wants to be sure that the book of Mormon is true before she gets baptized. so we did this noche de hogar and it turned out nice. i did the lesson in it and it ended with games. they are fun. we do a lot of those fhe in this area. it's part of the mision plan here and it helps a lot. we always have some good people there. also this week we got some good references from some members. two families and both seem pretty cool. we have a new desire to do everything we can to help the people here as best we can. elder medina is dying here and i will leave to bolivia from here so we plan on leaving everything that we have here in solidaridad. and so we hope to have a lot success.

i have not been feeling too good lately but, as of saturday, I've been feeling a lot better. don't know why. kinda weird how things just seemed to change so fast. but i feel good right now. I'm happy it seems. excited for whats to come and feeling a million times better than a week ago. and Bryce in part it has to do with you buddy. i don't know why but i just read ur letter that u sent right before you got to the mtc and what you said there i think helped a lot. it seems corny but my goodness just got to me. you said that i was more like nephi and you like jacob... but lets just let jason be jason and bryce be bryce and we'll make nephi and jacob want to be us. how amazingly true i want that to become. see this is why i always said that you will be the better of the two buddy. but i say lets do it. up to this point I've given a lot of myself. but i know i can do more. I'm a better missionary than what I've been to this point. i know you''ll be a great missionary if you just follow the rules and forget everything else but the work. its hard. lets do it. lets make nephi and jacob want to be us. i know we can. I'll do my best, u do your best and we'll do it. I'm proud of you buddy and i don't mind saying that i love you.

ok now .... this isn't meant to be a letter just to bryce so sorry but i get going on one thing and next thing you know ..well ya.

so this week i didn't do any new paper work for bolivia but i'm sure i will have to now. the cambios in the zone are mostly in the other district. in fact the only change in my district is that elder crisanto, the zone leader is dying, which by the way means finishing the mission, not like dying. so I'll have a new zone leader. and no that's not the one that i had problems with before, he's still here and still a pest but I'm learning to love him. slowly but surely.

and it's 100 positive elder medina girlfriend left him. he has just one month left and so we'll see how that affects him. the poor guy. i feel bad for him but he seems ok as of right now. just amazing though that after 23 months of waiting you'd leave someone. but ya. so this is the second time this has happened to me where my comp's girlfriend left him. i hope it'll be my last, it's sorta a awkward situation.

and to end just wanna say thanks and happy birthday to everyone whose birthday it is. i miss everyone and am glad to hear from everyone every once in a while. I'll try to write more but with the time ya know how it goes.

and bryce the secret to writing fast in the mtc is print out ur emails and just type. it cost like 7 cents every page but it's worth it. and then while typing try to make a plan on what you're gonna say, write it on a piece of paper and take it with you. i try to plan out what i wanna say every week... most Weeks i end up forgetting the paper at the home tho but it helps. and just so you know the timer is only in the mtc. not in the field when you get here you have your leaders and comp as timers.

ok bye everyone

Interesting week

ok so some sorta interesting things this week.

first of it is 100 percent sure that I'll be going to Bolivia. I'm going in June, is what they told me but they don't know the exact date. i went to immigrations this week and started all the stuff to go. i have to go two more times, at least, to finish and when I'm done with all of that I'm off. she said i was the first from my group going back so that'll be interesting. I'm excited to be going. things are cheaper there and it's a totally different atmosphere... not literally. but ya so in about a month I'll be there in another country. so that's kinda cool. ooo and that means to anyone don't send cards or packages.

on another interesting note, this week on weird food that jason has to eat because the members give him strange stuff.....frikin sheep stomach. apparently they have 3 and i ate parts of two of the 3 ... great. i think it's something that they have there to eat but this stuff looked like starfish, tasted like star fish and was squishy. the only cool part was that while i was eating it i had that finding nemo thing going through my head. the i will call you squishy and you will be my squishy thing. i don't know if anyone has any idea what i meant with that but whatever. so it's called mondongo here. the name even sounds horrible. and it is the worst thing to this point that i have eaten on my mission. ayyayayyaya mondongo.

and ya outside of that sorta boring normal week for me. we taught a lot, found some new people. our girl with fecha is gonna wait another week or two to prove to herself that she is ready to be baptised but she is still totally amazing. in church i still teach at least one class a day. my comp had to give a talk and teach two classes so that was fun. it was interesting this week the bishop talked to him because he's not always with me at church. i don't blame him, none of my comps stay with me because i always end up finding my way to the primary or nursery. anyways the bishop asked him y he wasn't with me and my comp says because my comp likes kids too much. and if i leave the room two or three kids start screaming so he'd have to go in for us to be together. anyways the bishop said something like even though you don't like kids maybe your time with elder taliercio is so that you can learn to like them. i thought that was funny. elder medina is my comp so that he learns to like little kids. whatever. it's cool though I'm like the most loved elder in the primary ever. all the kids greet me with hugs and try to pull me to their classes every hour. it's kinda cute.

anyways my time's almost up. just wanna send a good luck wish to everyone who is finishing up with finals and a oober special good job sorta thing to anyone graduating this year.

o and hi amanda
o and hi luke harrison rachel i cant spell rythyms name yet sorry, alana ian saige alexis and baby number 3 of mistias

o and mom number 2 i know that I'm amazingly good looking but i think some of it might have rubbed off on you when i was there at ur house be sure to give that back when i get back ok..jjajjajajjajaja

and mommy i love you and you too dad.

and bryce... glad you like the mtc buddy, its a good place. take advantage of it while you can.

o and say hi to skyler and tyler for me. let me know how they're doing and all that good stuff

ok everyone. thanks for everything and I'll let y'all know i f i have cambios this week or not. bye

Getting Ready to Go to Bolivia

ok what's up everyone...

this week was very good. we are teaching good a decent amount of lessons. we have some good investigators. some new ones. one is a young lady, twenty, named medalith. she is the only non-member in her family but her family is inactive. so we started visiting her and her family. anyways she's gone to church for two straight weeks and we are very happy. she's a good person and the plan is to baptize her the 23rd. so were happy for that too.

outside of that, we have some families that we're teaching still but, like most of our people, sometimes they go to the church sometimes they don't. pretty inconsistent but that's how it is. we just do what we can and keep going.

so ya, this morning the office called and said that this Thursday i have to go to the office to go and get some paperwork done for my foreign something or whatever. so... i would assume that that would be for me to be going to Bolivia. since i did the stuff for Peru already. but i don't know. if it is for Bolivia it would mean probably in five weeks that I'd be going there. I'll let you all know though. I'm actually excited for the chance to go to Bolivia. i think it would be really interesting and a great way to change the scene of things a little bit. i love Peru. it's a great place but Bolivia is my mission and i sorta wanna go.

so ya that's the word on Bolivia. now my district is great. we are having a lot of success and doing good. as is the zone. it's a good area but not one of the best according to the missionary grapevine. but i love it. even though I'm pretty sure I'll be getting changed this cambio. but like most things in the mission you never really know.

ok so it was great to call home yesterday. that was nice. mom sorry i called so late. didn't realized you were home that early and whatever. i know Bryce didn't get to call you so i bet you were waiting all day for that. but ya i loved talking to ya and I'm glad all is good there in the ward and the branch. which reminds me. i wanna say hi to all the families in my ward... desert hills. i miss you all and hope all is good with everyone there. and then a special hi to all the families in the Spanish branch. the six months that i was there were just amazing. i loved it and hope to always be part of the branch. thanks to everyone. but actually since the Spanish branch people speak Spanish i shoulda written it in Spanish. mom you can translate it if you want to . next time I'll write in Spanish.

so lets see... we still haven't changed rooms. not like we really want to but since the pres says we have to we're looking. but there still and none that meet their requirements. so we're still there. it's nice.

so ya things are going good. this week is gonna be kinda busy probably. we'll have interviews i think, i have to do two changes, and Thursday i have to go to that thing in the office... so ya fun fun

thanks for forwarding Bryce's emails. it's nice to hear that he's doing good. one week done. only 103 left. don't tell him that tho. and like he said the worst things about the mtc were the showers but ya know when he gets to Argentina and doesn't have the option between blistering hot or ice cold.... and the only one is ice cold, he's gonna wish he had those mtc showers.

so just some random facts....
  • no i haven't been robbed...
  • i haven't eaten any other strange food
  • 4 of the six dogs that always barked at me and tried to bite me have died. i didn't kill them somebody else did. in the middle of the night somebody shot them. in the morning the owners went outside and found them all dead. kinda funny... unless you like dogs.
  • my pench wants to make turtle and alligator for me but can't find the meat
  • they sorta celebrate mothers day here. but it's not as big as it is in the U.S.
  • my foot is getting better....slowly but surely
  • my district always wins when we play soccer. we have our own name and everything. my district is ... distrito despertad.. and the other distrito burgos... and we've won at soccer 6 to 2, 5 to 2, and 3 to 1... domination. but ya know we try to be nice every once and a while and change teams up.
ok so that's about all i think. thanks for all the help and packages.. letters and all that good stuff. i miss you all. bye

Multizona meeting, birthdays and a fight (sort of)

hey everyone

how are we all doing this week on my part it was a good week.

not too much out of the ordinary happened though. but some little things

we had a multizona this week. that was really kinda boring but a little fun. the multizona are when like four or five zones join up set goals and get lessons from the pres, his wife and the assistants. finishing witht some games and food. so the end is the best part. we were supposed to have interviews too but they got changed to tomorrow. scary.... but good

so this week was also the birthday of three elders in my zone. so we had a big party for the three in the house of one of hthem and that was cool. a barbique... how do you spell that. i have no idea. and ya so that was interesting.

outside of that not to much. i sorta got in a fight with my zone leader. that might be interesting. not like a fight fight but like he got really mad at me for some things this week which made me mad at him but nothing happened from it. it's that we were told to change rooms. cause the room, they say, is way too small. so we found a room that was really cool. two rooms twice as big as the one we have wiht a nice bathroom and everyting. but the morning we were supposed to move the zone leader said that none of the elders could help us. that thteye had to do their comp study and cant help us move. so that wed have to do it ourselves. but it's not like we were moving one house to the other. the room was like six blocks from our house. with 12 missionaries it'd take like an hour but with two it'd take like four, at least, and so i wasn't happy. and becasue of that, to make a long story short .... we couldn't change rooms . so then the president got really mad at us for not changing rooms. and so now we need to find another room and they keep hounding us about it. but it's just a little thing. he somehow in all of this found a way to get mad at me tho. but whatever. i don't really care. we're both good now and just doing what it is we do. there is nothing good that comes from being angry with anyone. so it's behind us and that's that.

lets see.... me and ricardo did another video thing. i look good in it. just saying is all. ok, well, not much else.

o and for mothers day let me know what time you want me to call. ask bryce when he'll call so that we don't overlap. and let me know.

ok bye everyone.

Proud of little brother - Bryce

hey everyone

so ya this week was a very interesting week. sorta started out on a bad note though. this last Monday after pday, while playing soccer, i sorta slid into a wall and messed up my foot. just a little bit. but ya so they put me in a resting mode sorta. they said go to the citas that you have but outside of that don't walk too much. so i tried that but it got boring. long story short it still hurts to walk and today I'm seeing the doctor and I'm sure that will get things fixed. so ya that was fun

another fun thing... something missionaries love is a cambio with the assistants. my fourth that I've done in my mission. they keep coming to me. but ya so that day was really good. we found some new people and had some great lessons. we walked a lot and it hurt but it was worth it. but what i found out was more valuable. he said that every missionary from Bolivia will be going back, they just don't know when. the plan they were given is to send between five and seven back every cambio. so they know who's going this cambio but not the next ones. so basically i could be returning in ten weeks or in 6 months. but if all goes like they plan i will be in Bolivia to finish my mission. which is fine with me. I'm excited to see a new country and whatever.

so ya, also this week another sorta strange thing that happened was that i baptized someone. what was strange was that the baptism wasn't mine. it was someone from an area in my district. i had taught the girl once and then in the interview she asked me to baptize her. kinda funny. i had no idea what to say. i said that either one of the elders there could baptize her or anyone in her ward with the priesthood, a friend or bishop.... and she said... well can you do it? i didn't know what to say... it was weird. but ya she said she wanted me to do it and so whatever. so ya. it was nice to get in the water again. i tell ya when i get back gotta go swimming a lot more. it'll be on my list of things to do when i get back.

and ya so this week also Bryce goes into the mtc. this Wednesday. I'm more proud of him than I've been of anyone else in a long time. way to go buddy and i know you'll be a great missionary. i love you and I'll miss you. but know that when i finish and i work with you for a day or two in Argentina I'm gonna show you how good of a missionary i am... so you better work... i expect a good challenge like always. be safe and just keep going.

ok so outside of that i don't have much to say. it was kinda a boring week. just know that I'm ok. my foot will get better and I'll just keep going. like i tell Bryce. so ya that's the plan.

bye for now