Little girls clinging to my arm

ok, ten minutes left.

the time passes by fast here in the mission even faster in the 30 min of Internet.

but ya thanks to everyone for everything. letters and prayers.

and so ya. our baptism this week fell through. we'll see if we can work with her more and get her ready but the work goes on and we are teaching a bunch of people.

this week i had to play a special number on the piano in the church. i spent all week, every spare minute i had, practicing it. and i got it ok, but after playing it in church the members thought i could play all good and whatever. and asked me to play a special number every week. so yaya me. that just complicated my mission. when i go to a new area I'm not gonna say i know how. but this gift of tongues is applied in the piano too i think. i don't know how i learned the song but i did. faster than i did b4. who knows. but that's kinda a fun story.

o mom ur gonna love this. i got a new little card reader thing so that i can get all the fotos that chafloque and the other one, erased back. i don't quite know how it works but today were gonna get them all back. so be happy. u'll have a ton more pics again. hopefully.

and ya so my ward is an amazing cute little ward. the people are really cool and chill. we are teaching 3 families and all have little like 8 year old girls. and i don't know what it is about me that's appealing to 8 year olds but all these girls have to be clinging on to my arm or holding my hand or resting on my shoulder when we teach them. since they're 8 i don't mind and it's not breaking rules. but it's just kinda funny because one of the girls has a 16 year old sister. and she was making fun of her sister saying that elder taliercio like me more than u because i can hug him and u can't. darn 8 year olds. very cool tho. that's my life here

and so only 1 min left.

thanks again for everything everyone for all ur help and support. means a ton to me.

o and oober happy birthday to gdog aka regina this mes hgtlws cipriano.


Eating guinea pig - cuyes


Proud and happy for younger brother

Bahia Blanca Argentina.... and i have to stay here in Peru. u lucky person. well even though this is my letter to everyone, the best thing that coulda happened just did. Bryce leaving for a mission to Argentina April 29th, i think the 29th. how dope is that. I'm oober excited for him. it's the best new i can give this week.

but outside of that, nothing else would seem important but since some people asked questions i'll answer those too.

this week i have a baptism, next week should be another. finally the work is starting to show. we have two families that we're teaching but they haven't gone to church. we are working hard and teaching a ton of lessons, and finding a ton of people. i don't quite understand y the baptisms are taking so long, but i figure after the trial of my faith and work, will come the blessings. I'm sure Bryce wont have to wait as long as i do to see the baptisms. i wont lie, i tell everyone about him having his papers. they're gonna be so excited and are gonna make fun of me. because i always said he would go to the states and he goes to Argentina. that's cool. Bryce study pmg because ur gonna need it. learn it, live it and love it. I'm so excited

and ya outside of that me and my comp are having some minor problems. nothing like with chafloque, but just some pride issues. I've come to realize that being my comp is probably the hardest part for my comps. I'm getting better though. poco a poco. im trying. me and santi work really good together. our numbers are the second best in the zone, outside of the zone leaders and we teach a lot. we are working and gonna be having success finally.

and so ya what else. it's summer here which absolutely stinks cause now it's hot, humid and still hills. fun fun. my pench is still amazing. and still racist and gives me the best of the best and santi whatever. but she really helps me feel at home.

what else. this week I've been missing everyone a lot. don't know why. feb. was always my favorite month. but I'm more than halfway done with it and then there is only one left without everyone. the time really passes by fast. i can't believe we're almost two months done with this year. it's crazy.

so ya. thanks to all my family and friends for the cards, letters, packets and help, support and everything. i appreciate it. and Bryce I'm so excited still. it's amazing. my younger brother on a mission. how cool is that. i can't tell you how happy i am.


Working really hard and helping people progress

ok so yesterday they took away our pday so i couldn't write sorry, never know when the office will do it.

anyways thanks everyone for the birthday stuff. thanks for ur cards and packets and all sorts of good stuff. i felt really good here for it. the family I'm with treats me well. like a son. and since they're a bit racist and like Americans more than Latinos it was kinda funny. but ya.

so anyways the work here goes good. we have two with fecha for this 21 of feb and we'll see how it goes. we found a family of 8 this week and are working really hard to help them progress. i like solidaridad, its a fun area. the members are also helping us out a lot more than before. it's one thing I've learned how to do. work with members.

so this week i did my first exchange as a dl. it was ok. i think i coulda done better but for my first it was chill. the changes have to be for 24 hours so that's not cool but I'm sorta getting used to it. my district is absolutely amazing. like the best ever. no we don't have sisters 6 guys. but we work hard and get a ton of numbers and whatever. we are excited. here in solidaridad we are having people in the capilla and progressando. a ton of lessons and all sorts of good stuff.

outside of that not to much going on. Bryce I'm oober excited about ur papers. the second u get the call write an email and tell me that ur getting called to Boise Idaho or st Monica Kentucky. i don't know if there is a st Monica Kentucky or not. but let me know.

and ya so i don't have like any time cause i got 14 letters and spent it all reading them. sorry guys . i miss y'all a ton

Birthday and Carnival in Peru

sorry it took so long.

but ya this week has been a good week. my first lesson to my district, my first baptismal interview, and my first something else that I'm forgetting. but I'm sorta getting the hang of this dl thing. I'm not that happy about it still. I'm sorta just let me work sorta missionary. don't want to be a leader, don't wanna climb any sorta ladder. let me work hard and that's that. but i'll do whatever they ask of me.

and ya my district is amazing. the numbers are really high and we have a bunch of people who'll be ready for baptism and willing to listen to us. we're excited about the progress we're making.

the assistants did a change with us this week. since the two district leaders are my old zl and my comps old zl it was a good change. elder vickery came here to solidaridad, and his comp with our zls. it was great. didn't burn us like all the other assistants did. he was nice and is gonna show me how to get all the erased fotos back. so mom u can be happy.

we here have four people really chill. the people here do progress a little better than in surco. a ton of lessons, and enough in the capilla to make us happy. but the most important thing is that they are getting the chance to hear about the gospel.

I'm sorry to hear bout the cardinals. I'm not gonna say that i was watching the game, cause i wasn't. the cable went out. so i couldn't. i wasn't too happy. but with what i hear I'm sorta glad cause i woulda been an unhappy little missionary if i was.

on that note. yesterday was a very important day for me here in the mission. my first day of carnivals here in peru. everyone in the street trying to shower u with buckets of water, great. i learned really fast not to take my book of Mormon with me. but ya we'll see how the rest of the month goes. they say it's all of feb. fun fun

and tomorrow also is sorta an important day for me. sorta but not really. we have citas all day so my birthday will be spent with investigators. what else could a missionary ask for.

ya today i had to go to Interpol and that was fun. four hours of fingerprinting. yay Interpol.

and mom the address for u to send that packet to is

Mz J Lt. 12 Asociacion 27 de Julio
San Juan de Miraflores
Lima, Peru

but in the name of Ricardo Fernandez Santisteban. because he will be the one picking it up and they will need to see his id.

ok so thank u everyone for ur letters and support. thanks to the nelsons and two other people who sent me a packet. i don't know who it is till tomorrow but thank u still. i miss y'all but i know what I'm doing is right and is helping me more than i had ever imagined