Proud of little brother - Bryce

hey everyone

so ya this week was a very interesting week. sorta started out on a bad note though. this last Monday after pday, while playing soccer, i sorta slid into a wall and messed up my foot. just a little bit. but ya so they put me in a resting mode sorta. they said go to the citas that you have but outside of that don't walk too much. so i tried that but it got boring. long story short it still hurts to walk and today I'm seeing the doctor and I'm sure that will get things fixed. so ya that was fun

another fun thing... something missionaries love is a cambio with the assistants. my fourth that I've done in my mission. they keep coming to me. but ya so that day was really good. we found some new people and had some great lessons. we walked a lot and it hurt but it was worth it. but what i found out was more valuable. he said that every missionary from Bolivia will be going back, they just don't know when. the plan they were given is to send between five and seven back every cambio. so they know who's going this cambio but not the next ones. so basically i could be returning in ten weeks or in 6 months. but if all goes like they plan i will be in Bolivia to finish my mission. which is fine with me. I'm excited to see a new country and whatever.

so ya, also this week another sorta strange thing that happened was that i baptized someone. what was strange was that the baptism wasn't mine. it was someone from an area in my district. i had taught the girl once and then in the interview she asked me to baptize her. kinda funny. i had no idea what to say. i said that either one of the elders there could baptize her or anyone in her ward with the priesthood, a friend or bishop.... and she said... well can you do it? i didn't know what to say... it was weird. but ya she said she wanted me to do it and so whatever. so ya. it was nice to get in the water again. i tell ya when i get back gotta go swimming a lot more. it'll be on my list of things to do when i get back.

and ya so this week also Bryce goes into the mtc. this Wednesday. I'm more proud of him than I've been of anyone else in a long time. way to go buddy and i know you'll be a great missionary. i love you and I'll miss you. but know that when i finish and i work with you for a day or two in Argentina I'm gonna show you how good of a missionary i am... so you better work... i expect a good challenge like always. be safe and just keep going.

ok so outside of that i don't have much to say. it was kinda a boring week. just know that I'm ok. my foot will get better and I'll just keep going. like i tell Bryce. so ya that's the plan.

bye for now

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