A slingshot keeps the dogs away (and also a truck)

hey everyone

so this week was absolutely amazingly awesome. we found another family to teach. which is great bc one that we were teaching for two months sorta fell through. but this family is a family of 5 and really cool. a reference from a member and were excited to be visiting them. as we are with all our investigators. so ya.

yesterday, Sunday, was really kinda interesting. we got to church and our mission leader says .... elders you guys are gonna give the talks today. 15 min. great we say.... so we did whatever we do and gave two very good talks considering we had ten min to prepare it. i normally speak very good now, but i don't know why yesterday i just couldn't speak. i was fine until i hit prosperaria ..... which just threw me back to the mtc days spanish. fun fun. but i got through and it turned out good. then the more fun begins. they didn't have a teacher for the Sunday school adult class and asked me to give it. i said great. and didn't even have a min. to prepare it. just had to give a lesson about Doctrine and Covenant and i think that one turned out ok too. and then more fun... the third our primary class teacher wasn't there and the primary leader.... my tia cosa asked me to help. well, actually the kids asked her to ask me , but she did and i taught my third impromptu lesson of the day. three hours and three lessons that i didn't have time to plan. i loved it. i was not a good speaker before but the mission has helped me to teach and talk publicly. so benefits.

ok Bryce Happy birthday and farewell party thing. i asked papi fierro if i could call you before u go since it'll be three years till we might see each other, he said he'd get back to me. so maybe.

in other news... well i can't think of any other news actually. but i bought a slingshot and have been attacking the dogs that have been trying to eat me. my revenge... sorry Amanda and mommy number two but a dog who tries to eat me is no friend of mine. but on one of my sling shot bonanzas i hit a car. well, a truck. kinda funny. luckily the guy didn't care or anything, he just wanted to try out my slingshot.

o in terms of food, for breakfast now I'm drinking oatmeal. it sounded weird to me but that's how they take oatmeal apparently. it's like a drink so ya... i haven't eaten anything too strange but they say they are gonna try to buy alligator and turtle for me to eat.

which reminds me we have two new pets. a dog that they call leon... i call cow... and a turtle that has a quechuan name whose translation i don't know if i can say. so our pets are cool but the dog tries to bite me unless i have food. the turtle is super turtle i call him .. the amazingness of the ninja turtles combined in one super special oober cool turtle... kinda a long name but it suits him.

ok so i think that's about all. happy birthday everyone whose birthday it is.

I'll talk to y'all next week.


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