Getting Ready to Go to Bolivia

ok what's up everyone...

this week was very good. we are teaching good a decent amount of lessons. we have some good investigators. some new ones. one is a young lady, twenty, named medalith. she is the only non-member in her family but her family is inactive. so we started visiting her and her family. anyways she's gone to church for two straight weeks and we are very happy. she's a good person and the plan is to baptize her the 23rd. so were happy for that too.

outside of that, we have some families that we're teaching still but, like most of our people, sometimes they go to the church sometimes they don't. pretty inconsistent but that's how it is. we just do what we can and keep going.

so ya, this morning the office called and said that this Thursday i have to go to the office to go and get some paperwork done for my foreign something or whatever. so... i would assume that that would be for me to be going to Bolivia. since i did the stuff for Peru already. but i don't know. if it is for Bolivia it would mean probably in five weeks that I'd be going there. I'll let you all know though. I'm actually excited for the chance to go to Bolivia. i think it would be really interesting and a great way to change the scene of things a little bit. i love Peru. it's a great place but Bolivia is my mission and i sorta wanna go.

so ya that's the word on Bolivia. now my district is great. we are having a lot of success and doing good. as is the zone. it's a good area but not one of the best according to the missionary grapevine. but i love it. even though I'm pretty sure I'll be getting changed this cambio. but like most things in the mission you never really know.

ok so it was great to call home yesterday. that was nice. mom sorry i called so late. didn't realized you were home that early and whatever. i know Bryce didn't get to call you so i bet you were waiting all day for that. but ya i loved talking to ya and I'm glad all is good there in the ward and the branch. which reminds me. i wanna say hi to all the families in my ward... desert hills. i miss you all and hope all is good with everyone there. and then a special hi to all the families in the Spanish branch. the six months that i was there were just amazing. i loved it and hope to always be part of the branch. thanks to everyone. but actually since the Spanish branch people speak Spanish i shoulda written it in Spanish. mom you can translate it if you want to . next time I'll write in Spanish.

so lets see... we still haven't changed rooms. not like we really want to but since the pres says we have to we're looking. but there still and none that meet their requirements. so we're still there. it's nice.

so ya things are going good. this week is gonna be kinda busy probably. we'll have interviews i think, i have to do two changes, and Thursday i have to go to that thing in the office... so ya fun fun

thanks for forwarding Bryce's emails. it's nice to hear that he's doing good. one week done. only 103 left. don't tell him that tho. and like he said the worst things about the mtc were the showers but ya know when he gets to Argentina and doesn't have the option between blistering hot or ice cold.... and the only one is ice cold, he's gonna wish he had those mtc showers.

so just some random facts....
  • no i haven't been robbed...
  • i haven't eaten any other strange food
  • 4 of the six dogs that always barked at me and tried to bite me have died. i didn't kill them somebody else did. in the middle of the night somebody shot them. in the morning the owners went outside and found them all dead. kinda funny... unless you like dogs.
  • my pench wants to make turtle and alligator for me but can't find the meat
  • they sorta celebrate mothers day here. but it's not as big as it is in the U.S.
  • my foot is getting better....slowly but surely
  • my district always wins when we play soccer. we have our own name and everything. my district is ... distrito despertad.. and the other distrito burgos... and we've won at soccer 6 to 2, 5 to 2, and 3 to 1... domination. but ya know we try to be nice every once and a while and change teams up.
ok so that's about all i think. thanks for all the help and packages.. letters and all that good stuff. i miss you all. bye

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