Interesting week

ok so some sorta interesting things this week.

first of it is 100 percent sure that I'll be going to Bolivia. I'm going in June, is what they told me but they don't know the exact date. i went to immigrations this week and started all the stuff to go. i have to go two more times, at least, to finish and when I'm done with all of that I'm off. she said i was the first from my group going back so that'll be interesting. I'm excited to be going. things are cheaper there and it's a totally different atmosphere... not literally. but ya so in about a month I'll be there in another country. so that's kinda cool. ooo and that means to anyone don't send cards or packages.

on another interesting note, this week on weird food that jason has to eat because the members give him strange stuff.....frikin sheep stomach. apparently they have 3 and i ate parts of two of the 3 ... great. i think it's something that they have there to eat but this stuff looked like starfish, tasted like star fish and was squishy. the only cool part was that while i was eating it i had that finding nemo thing going through my head. the i will call you squishy and you will be my squishy thing. i don't know if anyone has any idea what i meant with that but whatever. so it's called mondongo here. the name even sounds horrible. and it is the worst thing to this point that i have eaten on my mission. ayyayayyaya mondongo.

and ya outside of that sorta boring normal week for me. we taught a lot, found some new people. our girl with fecha is gonna wait another week or two to prove to herself that she is ready to be baptised but she is still totally amazing. in church i still teach at least one class a day. my comp had to give a talk and teach two classes so that was fun. it was interesting this week the bishop talked to him because he's not always with me at church. i don't blame him, none of my comps stay with me because i always end up finding my way to the primary or nursery. anyways the bishop asked him y he wasn't with me and my comp says because my comp likes kids too much. and if i leave the room two or three kids start screaming so he'd have to go in for us to be together. anyways the bishop said something like even though you don't like kids maybe your time with elder taliercio is so that you can learn to like them. i thought that was funny. elder medina is my comp so that he learns to like little kids. whatever. it's cool though I'm like the most loved elder in the primary ever. all the kids greet me with hugs and try to pull me to their classes every hour. it's kinda cute.

anyways my time's almost up. just wanna send a good luck wish to everyone who is finishing up with finals and a oober special good job sorta thing to anyone graduating this year.

o and hi amanda
o and hi luke harrison rachel i cant spell rythyms name yet sorry, alana ian saige alexis and baby number 3 of mistias

o and mom number 2 i know that I'm amazingly good looking but i think some of it might have rubbed off on you when i was there at ur house be sure to give that back when i get back ok..jjajjajajjajaja

and mommy i love you and you too dad.

and bryce... glad you like the mtc buddy, its a good place. take advantage of it while you can.

o and say hi to skyler and tyler for me. let me know how they're doing and all that good stuff

ok everyone. thanks for everything and I'll let y'all know i f i have cambios this week or not. bye

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