Nephi & Jacob; Jason & Bryce

hey everybody, how's it going.

so some interesting things this week. so this week is cambio but i don't have any changes. i didn't expect to because i will be going to Bolivia soon but still. same comp and area. i should be here only about 3 weeks more but i guess you never know.

so this week we had some cool interesting experiences. we did a noche de hogar or family home evening with our best investigator. her name is medalith cachique and is 20 years old. very cool but wants to be sure that the book of Mormon is true before she gets baptized. so we did this noche de hogar and it turned out nice. i did the lesson in it and it ended with games. they are fun. we do a lot of those fhe in this area. it's part of the mision plan here and it helps a lot. we always have some good people there. also this week we got some good references from some members. two families and both seem pretty cool. we have a new desire to do everything we can to help the people here as best we can. elder medina is dying here and i will leave to bolivia from here so we plan on leaving everything that we have here in solidaridad. and so we hope to have a lot success.

i have not been feeling too good lately but, as of saturday, I've been feeling a lot better. don't know why. kinda weird how things just seemed to change so fast. but i feel good right now. I'm happy it seems. excited for whats to come and feeling a million times better than a week ago. and Bryce in part it has to do with you buddy. i don't know why but i just read ur letter that u sent right before you got to the mtc and what you said there i think helped a lot. it seems corny but my goodness just got to me. you said that i was more like nephi and you like jacob... but lets just let jason be jason and bryce be bryce and we'll make nephi and jacob want to be us. how amazingly true i want that to become. see this is why i always said that you will be the better of the two buddy. but i say lets do it. up to this point I've given a lot of myself. but i know i can do more. I'm a better missionary than what I've been to this point. i know you''ll be a great missionary if you just follow the rules and forget everything else but the work. its hard. lets do it. lets make nephi and jacob want to be us. i know we can. I'll do my best, u do your best and we'll do it. I'm proud of you buddy and i don't mind saying that i love you.

ok now .... this isn't meant to be a letter just to bryce so sorry but i get going on one thing and next thing you know ..well ya.

so this week i didn't do any new paper work for bolivia but i'm sure i will have to now. the cambios in the zone are mostly in the other district. in fact the only change in my district is that elder crisanto, the zone leader is dying, which by the way means finishing the mission, not like dying. so I'll have a new zone leader. and no that's not the one that i had problems with before, he's still here and still a pest but I'm learning to love him. slowly but surely.

and it's 100 positive elder medina girlfriend left him. he has just one month left and so we'll see how that affects him. the poor guy. i feel bad for him but he seems ok as of right now. just amazing though that after 23 months of waiting you'd leave someone. but ya. so this is the second time this has happened to me where my comp's girlfriend left him. i hope it'll be my last, it's sorta a awkward situation.

and to end just wanna say thanks and happy birthday to everyone whose birthday it is. i miss everyone and am glad to hear from everyone every once in a while. I'll try to write more but with the time ya know how it goes.

and bryce the secret to writing fast in the mtc is print out ur emails and just type. it cost like 7 cents every page but it's worth it. and then while typing try to make a plan on what you're gonna say, write it on a piece of paper and take it with you. i try to plan out what i wanna say every week... most Weeks i end up forgetting the paper at the home tho but it helps. and just so you know the timer is only in the mtc. not in the field when you get here you have your leaders and comp as timers.

ok bye everyone

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