Multizona meeting, birthdays and a fight (sort of)

hey everyone

how are we all doing this week on my part it was a good week.

not too much out of the ordinary happened though. but some little things

we had a multizona this week. that was really kinda boring but a little fun. the multizona are when like four or five zones join up set goals and get lessons from the pres, his wife and the assistants. finishing witht some games and food. so the end is the best part. we were supposed to have interviews too but they got changed to tomorrow. scary.... but good

so this week was also the birthday of three elders in my zone. so we had a big party for the three in the house of one of hthem and that was cool. a barbique... how do you spell that. i have no idea. and ya so that was interesting.

outside of that not to much. i sorta got in a fight with my zone leader. that might be interesting. not like a fight fight but like he got really mad at me for some things this week which made me mad at him but nothing happened from it. it's that we were told to change rooms. cause the room, they say, is way too small. so we found a room that was really cool. two rooms twice as big as the one we have wiht a nice bathroom and everyting. but the morning we were supposed to move the zone leader said that none of the elders could help us. that thteye had to do their comp study and cant help us move. so that wed have to do it ourselves. but it's not like we were moving one house to the other. the room was like six blocks from our house. with 12 missionaries it'd take like an hour but with two it'd take like four, at least, and so i wasn't happy. and becasue of that, to make a long story short .... we couldn't change rooms . so then the president got really mad at us for not changing rooms. and so now we need to find another room and they keep hounding us about it. but it's just a little thing. he somehow in all of this found a way to get mad at me tho. but whatever. i don't really care. we're both good now and just doing what it is we do. there is nothing good that comes from being angry with anyone. so it's behind us and that's that.

lets see.... me and ricardo did another video thing. i look good in it. just saying is all. ok, well, not much else.

o and for mothers day let me know what time you want me to call. ask bryce when he'll call so that we don't overlap. and let me know.

ok bye everyone.

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