YAY, we had a baptism!!!! (and also...I ate cat)

ok everyone


so we had a baptism this week. yayayyayyay. teresa rodas huamani. good for her. we were very happy because she had been listening to the missionaries for 2 and a half years. but finally got baptized. this week we have another sure one too. even more excited. the one for this week is oro. or gold in English. he contacted us and in two weeks bam baptism. pure gold. but we have a lot that are hard and we are working oober hard to get everyone here in some water. but patience and long suffering is a trait we learn to have.

so outside of that mom and Amanda ur gonna love this...... guess what i ate? last week i ate cuye and this week ..........gato like real live cat. well, not live, but real. it was actually amazingly good. i was really surprised. i tell everyone my favorite food is cat now. it's really good. anyone with a cat u don't like, send it here and we'll eat it. or try it for yourself.

ok what else. today is cambios. and the results..........

elder santi has a cambio and i stay here in solidaridad.

he's kinda scared, his first cambio. but he's happy to go, i think. a lot of the members would joke around with him a lot. now they do it to me but since I'm a little more playful, its cool. he's really serious. good elder though. I'm sad he's leaving.

in our zone four people have cambio. our zone leader is finishing too. fun fun. so well see who'll be my new compie..

this week for pday we also got to go to the


which even though the name is kinda cool is just a zoo. i was kinda disappointed. i thought i'd be learning about legends and Peruvian history and all i got was monkeys and birds, and other ugly animals. but the day got a lot better when i found out they had penguins. let me tell u. penguins turn any bad day into a day of joy and peace for the soul. i took so many pics with them. yayayyaya penguins.

so ya that was basically the week. thanks Pam and kirk for the music. this week we're gonna play road to zanarkand from ffx but next week we'll use the songs for sure. and happy birhtday melia mabel collins taliercio. u turn 489 today. enjoy ur youth....or the little u have left.. hahhahah jk. but happy birthday..

and ya what else................................................................................i don't think anything.

o wait ....

mom i got the packet that u sent to the house and not the one that u sent to the office. the one to the house took 14 days. the one to the office will be at least one month b4 i get it. so the house is better. put the address of the house and the name of Ricardo and all that. but on the packet u spelt his second last name wrong i think. check the email and be sure. and i'll send his name again so u can know exactly what it is. but that system works a lot better. so tell everyone how, please. thank you. love ya

and ya. thanks to everyone for everything. bye till next week


Big Sis Meli said...

Jason, I am not 400 plus years, I actually am in my 20's still of course its the end of the twenties but still twenty, actually to be exact 29.

Mom said...

I'm Not learning to cook cat so you better have Amanda learn or eat as much as you can there.