Looking forward to General Conference

hey everyone

what's up. this week was kinda fun but ended not so good so i'll let y'all know what happened.

this week we did a cambio with the zone leaders, one of them. the one that was with me, elder crisanto, his trainer is here in san juan and was getting married to a girl here. his trainer is from the states but he met this girl while visiting the country after he finished his mission and fell in love. how sweet but ya. so since it was his trainer he invited elder crisanto to his wedding. well he invited the missionaries from my district to this wedding and so we decided to go. it was really cool. all of us had a good time and we got some good pics.

and then this week pday was personal so me and elder medina decided to go to the parque de las leyendas again. so we did. but since we didn't have as many people and weren't so rushed we got a lot of good pics and stuff. so be happy mommy.

so now the good work. the two bad parts of the week were that: one, we were supposed to have a baptism of Aurelia, the isrealita and investigator for like 2 years, she got the interview and passed but the sec. didn't give us the key to his room by mistake and we couldn't fill up the fount. cause the keys to that are in his room. long story short she got mad that things didn't work out and said that she didn't wanna get baptised later. that if we couldn't do it at the planned time she didn't wanna do it. so, it was impossible to do it at the time she said and she left. so obviously we felt pretty bad bout that. i left out a lot of details but it was impossible under the circumstances to do it, but it still means a lack of preparation on our part. so that's stinks but we learn and live and move on.

the second bad thing that happened was that alexis the young man who we just baptised, probably stole my mp3 player from me. i can't say it was him or not but everyone else says it is obvious. i lent it to him and then he says some people robbed him. and took it. fun fun. i couldn't get angry though. it's just a thing, a mp3 player isn't gonna upset me. but he seems to have distanced himself from us a little. but ya once again. you live, you learn and you move on.

so to answer some questions people had. no, still have no hermanas in my district or zone. the fotos i have with them are from surco. they say having hermanas in ur district, while nice, is hard for leaders. to plan the activities and everything just makes things more difficult. would i like some. don't really care.

ok, my comp elder medina is really cool. nice guy, we get along really well. he teaches great and doesn't really like to contact like me. if i had a twin on the mission it would probably be him. haven't had a problem to this point. and obviously don't expect one. we work good together.

i dont eat cat and cuy too much. I've eaten cat twice and cuy only that one time. cause i like cat and cuy doesn't have much meat. and i think I'm gaining weight now. i lost a lot of weight in surco and then i got here and didn't gain weight bc i was climbing hills a ton and not eating too great. well, at least not eating breakfast. now the hna makes me a whole bunch of food and I'm positive I'm gaining weight again. not that I'm happy about it. but I'm sure mom is, so ok.

I'm excited this week for general conference. it'll be great. my second and i think it means i only have two more sessions. they say that we will have it in english cause the people who translate sound like the people from the movies and it's just weird.

outside of that i don't remember what questions people had. if i forgot some, sorry. i miss you all. thanks for everything. I'm sending a lot a cards out this week and one packet we'll see if they get anywhere. and more importantly, how much it costs to send the stuff. i love y'all, talk to ya

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you look REALLY HANDSOME in that picture