Little girls clinging to my arm

ok, ten minutes left.

the time passes by fast here in the mission even faster in the 30 min of Internet.

but ya thanks to everyone for everything. letters and prayers.

and so ya. our baptism this week fell through. we'll see if we can work with her more and get her ready but the work goes on and we are teaching a bunch of people.

this week i had to play a special number on the piano in the church. i spent all week, every spare minute i had, practicing it. and i got it ok, but after playing it in church the members thought i could play all good and whatever. and asked me to play a special number every week. so yaya me. that just complicated my mission. when i go to a new area I'm not gonna say i know how. but this gift of tongues is applied in the piano too i think. i don't know how i learned the song but i did. faster than i did b4. who knows. but that's kinda a fun story.

o mom ur gonna love this. i got a new little card reader thing so that i can get all the fotos that chafloque and the other one, erased back. i don't quite know how it works but today were gonna get them all back. so be happy. u'll have a ton more pics again. hopefully.

and ya so my ward is an amazing cute little ward. the people are really cool and chill. we are teaching 3 families and all have little like 8 year old girls. and i don't know what it is about me that's appealing to 8 year olds but all these girls have to be clinging on to my arm or holding my hand or resting on my shoulder when we teach them. since they're 8 i don't mind and it's not breaking rules. but it's just kinda funny because one of the girls has a 16 year old sister. and she was making fun of her sister saying that elder taliercio like me more than u because i can hug him and u can't. darn 8 year olds. very cool tho. that's my life here

and so only 1 min left.

thanks again for everything everyone for all ur help and support. means a ton to me.

o and oober happy birthday to gdog aka regina this mes hgtlws cipriano.


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