We might be going to Bolivia

hey everyone. so i don't know if y'all have heard but they say they opened up Bolivia again. well that they sent greengos there again. try to see if its true or not. elder vickery the assistant said they were just waiting on the call to send us back. sounds scary to me. it's kinda funny when they originally changed my call i was mad to come here and now that i might go to my mission i don't wanna. Bolivia is hotter, more humid, more bugs and more fruit. all things I'm not too fond of. but I've learned it's not where u serve it's how u serve and anywhere i am i'll get by. I'm not gonna let something like that get in the way of my service. so that's that

now this week was interesting. not too much happened. we had stake conference and so that kinda messed up some numbers but that's part of it. i had to buy some new shoes, but let me tell u finding my size in Peru is not easy. i actually couldn't find any that weren't my size for less than 300 soles so i bought some that were just a little bit smaller and a third of the price. i figure my feet will shrink if they have to. the shoes actually seem to be getting more normal. so ya. no worries.

outside of that its been kinda boring. but since i still have time i'll tell y'all bout Peru. this week i got to know a lot more of Peru than i knew b4. we went to other zones and I've basically been in every zone of my mission that is in Lima. so when i say the mission is filled with poverty i know it's true. but there are some nice parts. parts that are great to visit. surco, limatambo, san borja, san isidro are all really nice places. and it has a lot of beach front so it makes it that much nicer.

we live right now i n a small room. like tiny. this thing wouldn't pass as a bathroom in the USA but it's great and for 30 dollars a month i don't complain. me and my comp have gotten in a habit of playing ping pong any time we find ourselves in the church. he's really good and I'm learning from him. he also plays basketball really good. i beat him but just barely. and he could beat me any day. so basically our companionship is really good. we get along great, finally.

as a district leader things are good. I'm getting a little better maybe at teaching and with my changes. still don't think I'm dl material but that's not gonna change anything so i keep going.

ok almost out of time.

thanks ma for the packet and for everyone for the bday cards and all that good stuff. and for the cards and stuff. i'll write next week


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