Great week in Miraflores

Ok so what's up everyone. this week was a great week for me!

we had another baptism here. baptized a young man. 17 yrs old. Alexis. he wants to be a missionary. if there is such a thing as golden investigators he would be it. so i did the baptism and only had to dunk him once. we'll see how things go, but the 21st we should have another baptism.

o ya the results of the cambios were pretty cool. my new comp is elder Medina. from the same group as my papi utia. and utia came to my zone. not as zone leader, comp mayor but still here. not in my district either but we still see each other twice a week so that's really cool. my comp is an amazing teacher and a great guy. kinda quiet and it's possible that he had done some bad stuff earlier in his mission bc he's comp menor even though he has 20 months. but if that's the case he's not showing it. and i don't have any interest in what he's done just what he's doing now and he is the best teacher I've seen ever. it's ridiculous. so I'm learning a ton and loving it.

so that's that. this week i didn't eat anything really weird. finally although all the stuff I've eaten is really good. the hna says she's gonna make bunny, and turtle if she can find them. they say turtle is one of the best meats in the world. I'm willing to try anything now, except for my own cooking. to please u mommy i also am eating breakfast again. don't know if i told u but we don't pay the pench for breakfast anymore. but since i wasn't eating anything bc i was lazy, i started paying the hna to cook me breakfast and now I'm eating again. so be happy.

about my physical health I'm ok. the knee brace and orth pads help a ton. there always has to be something wrong though. but nothing bad and nothing to worry about.

ok and i still haven't gotten the packet that y'all sent to the office so i would recommend sending the stuff to the house. just make sure the stuff inside isn't more than 100 dollars or weighing more than 2.4 kilos i think. and ya u guys have the dirrecion right.

it's summer here so it's kinda hot. and it doesn't help that i have all the hills to climb but I'm getting used to it.

o and ma don't worry if anything happens to me like getting mugged or chased by people with machetes i'll let u know. but nothing like that has happened. my mission has been very normal. here, there are a lot of dogs but when u threaten them they don't do anything. so that's the worst.

i think that's all thanks for everything i'll talk to y'all next week.

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Anonymous said...

Elder Taliercio,

Keep up your hard work. Your family, and your ward are proud of you. Through your hard work you are a blessing to the people you come in contact with. Because of your decision to serve a mission, and the love and support your family gives to you, the Lord is blessing your family. I know this to be true. My family has felt the Lords blessings as our son is serving on his mission.

Rick Salazar
(father of a dedicated missionary)