I'm still waiting to hear about Bolivia.

hey everyone, how's it going?

I'm oober excited to be writing this week... don't know y in fact I'm probably kidding but whatever. so this week was good but not great. we were hopping to have aurelia baptized but she pushed it back another week. shes had four fecha for her baptism and just keeps pushing it back. we'll see what we can do... she said i would baptise her before i leave so I'm gonna tell her I'm going to Bolivia this week and if she wants me to she needs to get baptized this week. we'll see if it works.

my district is good though. were working hard and teaching a lot of people. the zone is really close, i think. closer than a lot of other zones I've had. but that all depends on the missionaries here. so basically were all happy

I'm still waiting on any news if were going to Bolivia or not. I've heard two things. one says all the missionaries with less than a year are going out and the other that nobody who had their mission changed is going back. but officially i never got my mission changed so. in the end. i end up the same: confused. but whatever. i asked pres in the card i wrote him we'll see what he says.

it's starting to get a little cooler or so it seems. maybe I'm just getting used to the heat and humidity. but either way I'm glad for that. we haven't eaten anything too weird since the last time. I'm waiting for the next time the hna gonna make cat. i love cat. it's delicious. like steak style meat but with flavor of amazingness. all u cat lovers, sorry.

ok so I'm gonna hi tail, it talk to y'all later.

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