I just love general conference

hey everyone

i just love general conference. what a cool opportunity to hear the prophet and apostles talk. and what powerful messages they gave this year. just made me shiver like a peruvian bum sleeping on the floor in ayacucho.

so ya i loved the general conference but unfortunately we only had two investigators go to it. the thing is that the stake center is so far away from my area that it's hard for our people to go. it costs a lot of money and time. but we tried to get them there, didn't really work. but they are great people. we are teaching some families. some big ones. hopefully we can help them out and they can get baptised. that would be great, to have another family united in the gospel.

this week in my consilio or district reunion I'm making cookies. my lesson will be something about if we follow the recipe God gives us in "preach my gospel", as missionaries we will feast on the rewards which are sweet to our taste. something like that. just a smart way of making and eating cookies if u ask me. but it'll work.

Peru is finally starting to cool down again. still some days are horribly hot but it's getting better. i just think about how lucky i am to have gotten the hill part of san juan for the summer. lucky me but its helped me a lot. stay in shape and not get to fat. cause I've been eating a lot of junk food. every weekend we're supposed to eat with the members but our bishop hasn't done the list so we've been eating out four times a week. kinda funny actually. but he'll have a list this week and it's back to members. which helps a lot. also my mom number three or my pench here just makes food that we like. she hasn't made fish since i got here and gives us a ton. she's really i think one of the best penches in the mission. but i'd be fat because of it if it weren't for the hills. so I'm ok. I'm even excersising. and i forgot how to spell excercise in english.... how do u spell it.... that's just bugging me but whatever. so ya doing push ups and jump rope for like 30 min a day. i try everyday but i don't cause i get lazy.

ya, so were doing good. cambios is this week and everyone in our zone is scared. nobody knows who might be going. most in the zone have only 3 months here or less so it'll be interesting. and ya i'll let y'all know as soon as i know.

o ya about Bolivia. i hear that they will start by sending five missionaries from every mission there. don't know who or when. but they say that five from north and central have already gone back. the info comes from a good source. it's from a hna who works in the ccm. she was in charge of the visas and travel info for all the missions here in lima. so she sorta knows i would assume. so I'm sorta scared but not really. i would love to go to Bolivia and be in my mission. what i wouldn't like are the bugs, humidity, heat, food and other stuff like that. which i would get used to anyways so I'm cool. really,,, i just wanna know if I'm going or staying. i wish they would just say. go or stay and i'll be happy either way. but what can u do.

Bryce I'm so stoked ur gonna have ur farewell this week.. that's great buddy. I've sent some letters to u, but they're in a card to mom. so ask her. u'll be a great missionary i have no doubt. and the best part is that i'll get to see u probably when i finish my mission. so that'll be cool. well I'm looking forward to it.

ok everyone. time is probably close so I'm gonna let y'all. go.. .. thanks for everything u all do. for ur prayers and faith and everything. i miss u all but I'm doing good and I'm happy here. I'm doing good work and i can't come down. my new sorta pep phrase for my district. we are doing good work and we cannot come down. so ya. talk to ya next week

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