Email - September 1 - Peru Lima South

ok well first letter from peru, the field life. and it wont be my only one. the field is a million times better than the mtc but it is really hard.

first of all lima south mission is pretty cool but they have us in the hardest part of the misison. its the richest part which is why its the hardest. its actually a lot like the big cities in america, but in spanish. so its kinda cool. but most people dont listen to us. the work they have us doing is looking up all the references that we gfot this last saturday. its been kinda cool, cause we saw some guys that we talked to come to church this sunday. fun fun. however, my comp is a latino who just got out of the mtc the same day i did. because of that weve had a hard time adjusting to what we need to do. i get no trainer or senior comp. its cool but it makes the work seem that much harder becuase niether one of us really knows what to do some of the time. also because were both new we start with out any contacts or appointments. which was hard to get some. but we did and we are trying to teach them as best we can and its going really good actually. we try our best.

ok thats sorta it. nothing to exciting. we work a lot, have like no extra free time. which is actually a blessing. we walk about 15 kilometers a day and ride the bus like 3 or 4 times.

we actually arent sleeping on the floor. they went out and bought brand new bunk beds for us. but we have 12 people in the room. thats fun. its pretty big though so its not to bad. im thankful for what we have, even though we have no water and need to buy it at the stores. its fun you know. so mom just to let you know i need to take some money out of the bank, cause the money they give us isnt enough for the rides, but what can you do.

our pench or food lady is realy cool. great food adn feeds us till were full. it helps. today obivously is my pday. and no i dont have more time to write. but thanks for everyone who wrote me, i appreciate it.

like i said in the other i would prefer that we not send letters to this mission but if you do, use dear elder. i dont know though how it works. maybe you can call and ask if itll go to this mission attomatically or if you need to do somehting. but ya figure that out.

im excited to be here but its hard work. but i like to work hard. so its all cool.

thats basically it. if anyone has any questions or whatever, email. i cant print it out yet either. so try to keep them short, but three or four paragraphs is short enough that i can skim through eight letters like i did today, and still explain whats going on. i wont be sending any letters out either. sorry. just this emial. i will as soon as i can.

bye till next week

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