Email - September 8 - Lima South, Peru

ok whats up everybody. this week in peru has been kinda interesting.

first the details.

they are having a meeting today and apparently are gonna figure things out. however, if things dont work out todya they say ill probably be spending a couple of weeks or months here. so thats cool. the place is really nice even tho the work is hard.

o i cant forget, happy birthday pam. adn happy birthday amanda in a couple of days. i wont say what day for fear that its not right. but pam you said that for your bday you wanted me to commit someone to bapism and so we did. his names arturo. were teaching him and his family and commited him this to be baptized at the end of the month. we wont be in the area tho, so we wont be able to do the baptism most likely. me and my comp have 6 investigators, which is pretty good for starting with nothing and only being here for a week and a half. were excited but like i said theyre moving us to a different part of the city.
cool beans ya know.

i wanna thank everyone for writting the emails, you don know how much they help me. ill try to respond to some today so this letter will be kinda short. but i am also aware of everyone reading this letter. thanks for your support and your help in my life. if it wasnt for everything id done before i got here i couldnt handle the work and stress that comes from being here.

im trying to do all i can for the work. its a good work. thanks to everyone for your help.

all is good too. feeling good, sleeping good, eating good, and all other stuff goood.

till next time.

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