Email - August 26, 08

ok so hi everyone sorry it took so long today but they change stuff up on us. like our mission for instance. one minute you think your going to bolivia santa cruz and the next your going to lima south. but thats life. and no joke. they havent changed my mission to santa cruz but i will be serving in lima south for 6 weeks at most, or so they hope.

the reason is because bolivia visas have changed a little and they feel that if they send us before resolving the issue it could cause some problems in the future. because of that they figure it best not to push buttons and keep all 20 of us here in peru. some are going to south others are going to east, but all of us are a little shaken up i think

i personally feel ok with it all. obviously i want to be in santa cruz but im called to be a missionary and will serve my heart out whereever i go. which will be lima south. look it up. its actually the place that we went this last saturday which i need to tell you about, and will because most likely my next 6 weeks are tied directly into that event.

so saturday we did contacting all day. it was for an event called puertas abiertas, and our job was to invite everyone to it and get references for anybody we could. well the event was great. i think all together we got about 2000 to 2500 references. so ya thats pretty good for 80 missionaries. i wont say how many i got here cause its not important that everyone knows, but me and my comp felt like we did a great job and were very happy with how the day played out.

so how does my temp call, and saturday fit together, well they say that since the event was in mission sur and the pres wasnt planning on a change this week that six of the 7 of us are going to work primarily on those couple thousand contacts and thats basically it. was far as i know im one of those six. one of the 7 will get a comp and start but since my spanish is pretty good i imagin that ill be here to help with the contacts. but who knows, obviously anything can happen.

outside of all of that i think im doing ok. i cant lie and say im totally happy. i would rather be in bolivia. it doesnt help that they say well be sleeping on the floor of some apartment, not knowing when or if our mission to bolivia will even come. they expect it to, but who knows. i can tell you one thing though. i havent smiled more in a while. its keeps me thinking positive. im excited to serve and leave the mtc itll be a great experience. its not how i expected but life doesnt go how we expect it always. so i will make the best out of this experience. what else can i do. my goal is to make the people in lima south wish that i had been called to their mission or that my mission gets changed there. ill do everything i can for this, and let god and a handfull of government officials take care of the rest.

one other thing, and it kills me to say this. dont send any letter or anything till i know where i will be. so for at least six weeks. since i havent talked with the pres. or anyone i dont if i will get more email time so stay conservative with that too. till i know anyways.

on that good note, thanks for everything youve done i appreciate it.

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