Email 9/29/08 - Still Lima

ok wats up everybody.

this keyboard that im using is weird so ur gonna see alot of typing errors. sorry

ok so thisx week has been really cool. we got two more people with dates for baptism and they are both chill. we got a lot of investigators but not all of them are progressing. we are also visitin a lot of inactive families wtih some members who arent baptized so we could have a lot more. thats the worrking side of things. all is good and looking forward to general conference

now i want to say happpy birthday to some people. dad obviously, the 3rd. anthony is the tenth of oct, and liz had her birthday last saturday. happy birthday everyone.

now about the mailing. when u want to send something its best they say to send it to the office. from wat i hear they will give it to the zone leaders who give it to us in our zone and district meetings. so thats supposedly how thats supposed to work. because we live in teh house of a family htey dont want to bother that family with our letters and whatever. and yes i did get one dear elder today. so i dont know how many u sent but we do get them. thanks

now about my comp. chill sweet little peruvian. his names elder utia and we work good together. i still have problems with door aproaches so he elps a lot there, but outside of that we share the load. hes a cool trainer though.

i wanna send the pics that i have, i have aobut 300 from the ccm and the field so far but im trying to find a way that if nothing will happen to it. like it get stolen or anything. some elders download them on a flash drive and then send the card. i think i might do that.

uuuuummm, thanks for writting me this week. i love getting ur emails and sorry i cant always respond idividually but the time thihng doesnt quite allow it. but i do appreciate it all.

for request of my father here is my daily schedule

wake up at 630
7 breakfast
8 personal study
9 comp study
10 leave and work
1 lunch
2 training
3 work
6 dinner
7 work
930 in the room
1030 lights out

thats that. i dont havce to much time to exercise, but i do write in my journal somehting i take as something i really need to do. but some days have more details, other have not so much. still its nice and im glad i am

o i just have to say that the dbacks getting eliminated kinda not cool. but whatever. now let me know how asu and the cards do in football, and whats going on with teh suns, if they messed up the team more or if the changes they did might actually work. just briefly cause in all reality i dont care to much right now, but its nice to know

o and the force unleashed, the star wars game. that has to be amazing. i saw some kids playing it here, i wanted to die just being around something star wars but it looked so gooooooooood. the sacrifices i make as an elder.

i think thats about it. thanks everyone and if u have any questions or anything just ask and ye shall receive.

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