Email 9/22/08 - Lima South

ok whats up everybody. so this week was really chill, or cool if you dont quite understand chill.

baptism number one and two officially in the book. two young guys one 17 one 16 got baptised on saturday and sunday. that is apparently a miracle for this area since they hadnt had one for four months before last week. so that was really cool. one of hte kids is gonna come work with us a little this week and the other said that his goal was to get his mom grandma and brother baptised. on top of that me and elder utia have 8 new investigators, more references to find and two old ones. so the work seems to be going great. very cool. my comp baptized one of the kids, carlos tabori and a priest in the ward baptized the other, victor icant remember his last name. but both are oober good kids, both have plans on going on a mission. even though i really didnt teach them much officially i get hte number and the pics. most important. but ya so 2. cool beans

outside of that the work is the same. everyday we look for more people to teach, knocking on doors. some argue, some say theyre busy, but some let us teach a little and at least let us set up a return date. so its nice.

ill get the address of my room for next week so you can check exactly where i live and whatever dad. and you guys got the address of hte mission right. i put it in the last one i wrote. if not ill send it again.

i want to thank everyone who reads this for their help and support. i know how many prayers are being said for the missionaries and i know its apreciated. we can have success on those alone, but it helps to work hard too. which we do, cause this is a sacrifice for us. hard work and hard to keep focused on the now and not the future, but we press forward and get just enough help

hte members in my ward are sweet. i didnt go like 5 min without someone asking us to do something, telling us we need to visit one of their friends, or trying to get to know us, and have us go over to their house. its sweet. like my two home wards. i feel like home there which always help.

one sister has really become like a mom to me too. she always is like that with the missionaries but it helps a lot. she made her son give me a sweater even though i said i didnt need one, she said that if i didnt put it on and wear it she would be upset and not help if i got sick. like any mom she basically forced me to wear it with love. thats ok though. shes great.

outside of that not much. thanks again for the help and support and everything else.

and if you guys wannna hear more bout something or want me to tell you more details bout anything, just send an email and let me know. im here to serve for two years, not just in peru but anyone i can.

talk to you next week

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