Officially in the Peru Lima South Mission

hi yall what's up.

this will probably be a shorter letter cause i got a bunch of letters but not to much to say anyways

the work goes on in peru and is really strong. my zone is doing really good this this month. this week we have 8 baptisms planned with 3 more likely.

on a random note i just got welcomed, officially to the lima sur mission as of wednesday. lunch with prez and all that good stuff. only 6 weeks after i got here. but thats ok, itll make a good story for the grandchildren

peru is nice. the weather is good and like our winters in arizona, almost perfect. but 2 hermanas in the barrio said i needed a sweater so i have two sweaters already until it gets hot. the ward takes care of us real good but still i did get sick this week. my stomach did not like eating so i couldn't eat to much without feeling sick. outside of that all is good.

i did get to see general conference and took some investigators to see it. what a cool thing to actually have prophets in these days. a blessing for us no doubt. i loved the messages and understood them all even thought they were in spanish. my spanish this week has really improved to and my quechuan. the lady we live with speaks quechuan so shes teaching me. cool beans

outside of that not much. if anyone has any questions let me know. and dad I'm gonna get the address of the house and put it next week.sorry i forgot this week.



Anonymous said...

sounds as though your son is doing good.

Debbie Smith said...

My son just received his call to the Peru Lima South Mission, so the first thing I could think to do was look for some info on line. I'm so excited for him especially after finding your blog and seeing how well your son is doing! He reports to the MTC in Provo July 29 and will spend 3 weeks there before heading down to Lima.

He is my oldest son, so to say the least I am a little nervous about sending him so far away, but I know it is where he is suppose to be and he is so excited!!

Thank you for sharing your son's experiences in the mission field, and let him know there will soon be a wonderful missionary joining them from Kennewick, WA, Elder Hayden Smith!

Debbie Smigh

Brian said...

hey my name is Brian VanDuyn ... i am going to the mtc june 17 2009 im going to lima Peru south mission . got eny good storys eny need to knows? before i find out the hard way lol ?