Email - Aug 19, 08

ok how are we all doing today.

id say i have a lot to go over but i dont really but i hope this letter can be a little more spiritual of sorts since i dont have to much

first with business.

one week from today ill be on a plane to bolivia. they say the plane will probably leave around 5 or so, so ya, we get no info on it till the tuesday morning. so yathe new group of missionaries has no argentines, but does have maybe 8 going to argentina, buenos aires, cordoba, la plata i think, all over the place, so thats kinda coolthis saturday was great. although we only got to go out half the day from 1 to 6 instead of 7 to 6 but thats ok. i went out with elder barnes one of the new american elders. mostly to help him have a good time and help him understand. so ya, it was great. we were in the poor part again, but not the same ward. it was great thouhg. everyfamily we knocked on the door of that was home let us in. yay us. so we taught every family we saw. which wasnt to many because of the lack of time but it was great. not a single person rejected us. now if that isnt as good as it gets, i dont know what is. we were excited, i think it was a blessing for not being able to be out all day. ya so since we werent in the nicer part of lima we got a lot of lessons and like no contacting but thats ok. we placed one book of mormon and had a great time. i just hope i helped elder barnes a little, so that he will look forward to the next couple of times he goes out.

ya so thank you all for writting letters to me. this week had been really hard on me, i dont know why but it was. however, i came to realize certain things about myslef and on this mission. and partially the letters that i got helped me so thanks.

one thing i realized this week, i was struggling to find the strenght physically, mentally, and emotionally to just fight through the challenges of the mission. i sorta got to a point where i said, ill give everything i can on this mission, last as long as i can. i wasnt feeling like i could last a hole two years, but i said to myself after reading in the book of mormon, that ill try something i little different. instead of saying ill give all of myself as long as i can, i prayed and said that i could have the streght to stay out here for as long as god wants me. well sure enough, like a slap to the face, i wake up the next day and feel dont only that i can stay here for two years, but i really want to be here. my whole mentallity changed about these next two years. i feel more ready to serve now for two years than ever before. i havent lost it either. i love it you know. i know that i could have this much strenght to do this, but everytime i think about it i know that this is where i need to be and god wont let my lack of strechgt get in the way of helping other people out here. as long as i maintian the desire to serve, he will help give me the strenght, i believe that. and its been working so far.

so well go ahead and call that milagro number one, because to me it is a miracle.

outside of that ive had a lot of help with other things. our district decided taht this last week we are gonna work out tounges to death and hopefully fill our minds with as much spanish and gospel as we can.

as another little note. the teachers here are so cool. they are our friends as well as our teachers. we have a great relationship with all the teachers and the people working here its great. like one giant family. we love it.

i thinkg thats about it, sorry bout the spelling mistakes, with little time i dont worry bout it to much.

lastly i want to thank my mommmy for everything she does. i want everyone who reads this to know how important she is to me. mom i love you. your as good a example and person ive ever met and i tell everyone here about you. what youve done for me i can never repay back, but i will try. and i get pretty determined. thanks

well thats about it, thanks again to everyone who helped and sent letters, and again dont send anything to this mtc cause i wont be here, if you have something, wait and ill let you know when and where when i get to the field.

one week till the field thats cool.

thanks and bye

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