Peru MTC -

ok so sorry bout not emailing yesterday. they changed the pday this week to wednesday becasue today we are going to take a tour of the city. and they wouldnt let us email and tell anyone so i hope yall arent to mad.

anyways i made a list of stuff i wanted to say and left it in my room, sounds like me. but ill do my best

bryce, how do you like your calling. sounds like a lot of fun. learn from the young mens presidents and counselors we had because they were amazing and really prepared us more than we could know till we actually need the stuff that they taught

on that note, thanks to everyone who sent me letters. i probably shouldnt really want and be waiting for the letters but we all do. ive gotten the most in my district and im so gratefull. i love hearing about whats going on there, so thanks a lot. i also saw that a lot of people started using dear elder. thanks for that too.

ok so this last saturday was really sweet. me and elder camargo taught so many more lessons than the week before. every lesson was different, but all had the same goal. to get the inactive members back to church. everyone accepted our commitments and i heard that three or four of our people went to church, which they say is a very good ratio. so good news there. also, we placed our first book of mormon. it was actually kinda a fluke even having one. one of the missionaries in the ward was like, i have to many can you hold this till after lunch. i did and lunch came by and i didnt see him. so i kept it. the first person we go looking for after lunch we couldnt find but we found one guy painting something and started talking to him. long story short, he got the book and an appointment for the missionaries to go and teach. cool beans. we also had the first door slammed in my face. that was a lot of fun. no sarcasm either. i actually laughed so loud that the ladys husband reopened the door and listened to our message. he said anyone who can be so happy to have a door slammed in his face and laugh, but be someone he wants to talk to. but not much else happened. invited him to church left a flyer and left the rest to him. something else really cool. we got to go up to the mountains, which isnt the cool part cause its horrible up there. climbing up and down and its so confusing the people who live there only know there own street and cant help you with directions. but what was cool was the chickens. tons of chickens all over the place. last week my comp almost got eaten by a dog, this week the guide for us was being followed by the ugliest chicken ever. it was kinda funny.

anyways like last week i dont wanna go into to much detail in the email, but i wrote a letter and it has more detail.

so about today. today is gonna be the best day of my mission. we officially are the new leaders of the mtc, halfway done with out experience here and the newbees come in today. they say all but eight americans will have a latino comp. so that might be kinda cool. but, 4 lunch today they are getting us pizza hut. finally, ive been dying for pizza. as much as i love chicken rice and mystery meat, pizza will be great. and after the pizza we go on a tour of lima. you know i love history and this place is filled with it so im gonna love that. after that we go shopping. yay shopping. ive never been more excited to act like a girl in my life. but here we can buy legit soccer jerseys for 20 sols, which is eight dollars, so im gonna do it. and a bunch of ohter stuff hopefully. well see. but to end this day of days, we get to stay up and do nothing else, but the thing everyone wants to do, soccer. for 4 hours. im so excited. four staight hours of soccer, that is heaven. so ya, today will be kinda cool.

once again sorry bout not emailing yesterday, it wont happen again hopefully.

we will be leaving the mtc here in three weeks and get to bolivia 3 weeeks from today. me and like 9 others are going to the santa cruz mission there so itll be a good ride.

we get a new room, comp, and leaders this weeek so im sure ill have lots to write about next week. till then, thanks for everything. its great to have the support of everyone. im gratefull for everything you all do and have done. especially you mom, and mom number two.

i was gonna end there but i just wanna say how much i love moms. after all they do, i just find it amazing. its crazy to think about everything they do for us. thank your moms you young whipersnappers.

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