August 12, 2008 - Email

hi everybody, whats up this week. so well just jump right in.

first i want to thank everyone who has written letters and dear elders, they help a lot. thanks for keeping me in the loop.

ok so i dont think i have told yall bout the wednesday, trip, i told you what would happen. so it was like the greatest day ever. the pizza was amazazing and the tour was really cool. i bought a cool hat, like patcha in the emperors new groove. its really sweet. i also got some neckalces for me to wear around that make me look like some crazy peruvians bum, its sweet. and then of course a soccer jersey for the peru national team. its nice but not an argentina oneafter the tour was soccer, but there were so many people i was more like, push and shove until you find the ball and then kick it in the air. but hey, when you have 30 americans playing fĂștbol, it becomes football. thats ok.

so something kinda cool i guess, im a district leader here. who woulda guessed. its kinda cool but it means i have more meeting to go to and cant slack off as much, but thats good.

uhhh, of ya of course, saturday. this saturday was mostly contacting. we went to a nicer part of town, like really nice for lima. beach front, towers, all nice. but becasue of that everyone we wanted to teach was working inbetween the hours we wanted to visit, so we ended up only teaching one person, who said that before she goes to church she wants to talk to the bishop. so we set that up, but that was it in terms of teahcing.
now contacting was really cool. o my new comp is elder griffin, another american, but thats ok. apparently i had been marked as the elder who didnt need a latin companion. i tell you, my spanish is good but i dont know where they got that idea. but elder griffin is great cause he talks to everyone. im mean everyone too. so, i sent mom the detailed letter as usual, but some quick ones for you.
within 50 of leaving the church we find one guy and start talking to him. he was just walking listening to his headphones, but we talked to him anyways. it was good, me and griffindor taught really well together, and we took the bofm and said hed go to church. score one. i count that as my official first bofm place becasue we got zero help from anyone but ourselves. so then right in front of the house of the lady that we taught a lesson, we talk to on lady. same sorta story. me and griffindor teach great, and she accepts the have the missionaries over to her house, and takes the bofm. score two. so we were kinda stoked, the first two people we talk to accept to take one from us. but then the hard times came. our guide kept getting lost, and we kept talking but most people just kept walking or said no. we got some commitments to go to church, but didnt place another bofm till our last person. she was sitting in the park with her daughter, and griffindor starts talking to her. i go back and we teach her about families. she seemed really excited and took the bofm and said shed go to churhc, and have the missionaries over. score three. so those were the 3 quick good stories. we started with a goal to place 5 and placed 3 so not to bad for our first try really. its was a good day though, we we really pleased with what we did.

so the new missionaries here a really cool. nice guys. most of the americans have a latino again which is good.

something else kinda cool, im like the official translator for all the meetings now. sacrament, devotionals, etc. its kinda cool. its hard though. to speak and listen at the same time, im good at talking, but listening come on. but ive done ok so far and im getting better. i understand almost everything at this point, its just a matter of getting it right in english.

so i think my times almost done, but not quite sure. im gonna go till they tell me to stop.

again thanks for all your letter, pam, mel, mom, dad, mom2, woman3.5, amanda, and everyone from the wards. i appreciate it a lot. and the emails too. they all are nice to get.

well thats about it i think.

i lied one more thing. i think you shoud stop sending letters soon, because ill be leaving to bolivia on the 26th. on a tuesday. so if it takes like two weeks for me to get a letter, i cant do the math, but ill let you figure that out. just if they get letters for elders, whove left it takes like six more weeks for them to get them so, ya. just watch for that.

thats all folks. thanks and bye

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