Jason's 2nd letter - MTC Provo

ok so i wasted the first 7 minutes of my time trying to remember my password. ya sounds like me.

thanks for the emails and writting letters i appreciate it a lot. and thanks for the donuts rachel. they made me the most popular person in the mtc for a while.

ok first while i love being able to email and connect with u all like this remeber that its hard for me to read seven half page emails and still be able to write you guys everything. so while i will do my best to read all the emails i will make sure that i devote at least twenty minutes to writting. which means that letters are probably best for right now. in a little bit ill be able to email longer

which leads me to my first thing, my travel plans and visa are all good i leave the 16th at ten am and go to miami, and then to peru. the plan is to spend 8 weeks there but they said that i may have that time lessoned if i can prove i deserve to get out of there.

next point: my spanish has improved a ton since i got here. its amazing how quickly you learn. ive had teachers tell me i needed to be in the advanced class but i wouldn't want to. i enjoy the time i have here and want to make the most of the chance i have to learn about the gospel instead of just teaching it.

ok so my district is the craziest district in the mtc. we have the zone leaders with us though so we can get away with almost anything. its so much fun it should be agaisnt the rules, but we all respect the rules and have as much fun as possible without getting into trouble. but there is that saying that its only breaking the rules if you get caught

i think i told you that my companion was changed after the fourth day here. my new companion is amazing too. everyone in our district is so great it wouldn't matter who my companion is.

i will try to send pics but the machine here is down and wont let us print any out right now. ill get some to you though and youll see how weird we are, even as missionaries.

i have seen beth rizley a couple of times

the food is ok, most of the time is not bad but a few times a week it is amazing and i feel like i could eat it all.

pam i saw pics and i have to say that you have another cute baby. i hope im that lucky to have two cute little babies.

o and ya'll can send pics to me over here, in fact i hope you do. just soes i know whats up. some of the guys even got some little books filled with some, it was really cool.

the mailing system stinks and might that up to six days to mail from arizona to here, so make sure that if you mail something to mail it before the tenth, cause i leave for peru the 16th and who knows if id ever get anything down there through the mailnext point:

dear elder or whatever that thing is works, at least here, i don't know if it will in the mtc in peru but i don't see y not and you guys set it up not me.

mom dad if ya'll wanna send anything soon i need batteries for my camera adn alarm clock cause i think i left them at home Ooooops
double a thanks and paper, just for the letters so i don't need to take it from my journals, candy is always appreciated by me and companions

and everyone feel free to send me letters i love letters and i need addresses before i can send any letters out, so any friends who want personalized letters need to send me one first, i trust mom and dad have given out the address and sent these to whoever wanted them, and thanks mom and dad for thatand just soes ya'll knows i can recieve and write letters any day of the week, not just on p-days. i just can't recieve or send emails any day

i think thats about it with 3 minutes left. if you guys want to know anything else let me know.

o and im excited to see skyler here tomorrowhere

my mailing address
Elder Jason Taliercio
MTC Mailbox #116
BOL-SC 0716
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793


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