Jason's first letter - July 1 - Provo MTC

hey sorry i had to send it to myself.
i forgot my email stuff in my room won't happen again. so i have only 25 minutes left to email so i will try my best to get everything in.
i miss everyone down there and hope you're all doing great.
the mtc is a great place, to be totally honest a lot better than i thought it would be. the guys here are great people. im in a district of 8 people and we get along great. one of our guys was gonna leave but decided to stay which is great cause he'll be a great missionary.
we are learning so much here too. ive memorized d and c 4 verses 1-3 in spanish and a whole lot of other things too. something interesting that happened to me is that i had a companion exchange here already. and no im not causing trouble yet. when i got here my companion was elder strobelt but they changed my companion to another guy in my district who'll be going tyo the peru mtc too. his name is elder moss and he's great. we are all in the same room and to be honest us four are like the worst set you can have becasue we get along so great we are noisy, and sometimes stay up later than we should be listening to stories from one another. we are gonna try not to though, the rules here are strict and they have people checking up on everything so we don't want to get in trouble.
so mom dad i've written you some letters and one for bryce basically saying that i expected some letters from you this week and haven't got one. shame on you. one of the other elders already got 12 from home. so i expect you to be gettign everyone to send me some so i can brag to teh others. really i want to here from everyone. but the rule is that i can't email anyone but you guys while im at the mtc. once you have it u can forward it to everyone, but if they want to talk to me they have to write to me and i promise ill write back.
i really really want letters.the transition here seemed easy at first but recently has been harder especially without letters from you guys. but no worries, the lord enables those he calls and he's called me so i won't ever quit. i love being here.
let everyone in the spanish branch no that i am already speaking spanish three time better than i was before. i came here and already knew so many gospel words in spanish thanks to them so tell them thanks.
make sure u send an email to amanda, mike, jessica, anth, liz, daniel and anyone else, but tell amanda, jess, and liz to write me becasue when the district leader gets the mail he sees the name of the person writting the letter and if it's a girl makes a big deal out of it. so i really want the girls to write. alana and midory and rachel and any other girls other than you mom.my email address is http://us.mc324.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=jtdiegom@myldsmail.net send that out to everyone to but let them know that i only have 30 min on the computer so if i get alot of emails it is a lot of work for me. mail is best if they can afford the 42 cent stamp charge.
i will stay diligent and work hard. this work is good and this church is true. i know that and the more i study (and believe me im studying like never before) the more i know. its amazing how much we can learn. i have five pages in my notebook for lesson 1 section 1 (god is our loving heavenly father) in preach my gospel. so im getting really in depth which is great.
have fun and be safe, ill do the same and talk to you in a week

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