MTC Letter (3)

Hey people what is going on.

first of all bryce enjoy my room but take care of it. as soon as you go out it's mine again hahahhahahhhahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok i sent the pic card and some pics so make sure you get them. if there are any that might scare you mom just know that we had the help of a professional stunt man. thats all you need to know. and im really goood at being upside down. so make sure you put them right side up and get them out to everyone.

i bought a phone card and can call only mom and dad, sorry everyone else. if you wanna talk be with them, which probably won't happen. sorry, but mom and dad you only have about a hour to talk so know what you want to say.

the zone leaders are my old companion and elder weller from my room. its nice but now we need to be the example.

my flight number is 696 to atlanta georgia, not miami, sorry i lied. i go to atlanta then on flight number 351 to peru. track me if you can!

now the dear elder thing is frikin amazing. it works so good. i got it the very next day. i don't know if itll be that good in peru, some guys say it costs money but it is just as fast. others say they only come in on p-day, but since its all on the computer they get it there after you send it and just don't hand it out till p-day. either way its worth a shot while im at peru.

i still have problems fallling asleep but its gotten a lot better.

i won't be alone on the plane to peru, i know others coming with me but none are in my district or zone

ok since i never got to write about the fourth of july here it is, we got to stay up and watch the fireworks from the miley cyrus concert at byu. it was good except for the finalle. i stayed in my room thought with elder blackham and johnson. we had a perfect view and it was good.

i got the rest of my shots done on thursday or something, htat stunk cause my arm hurt for a couple of days, but it was worth it

i want to thank everyone for sending me things. sister hatch, amanda and of course family number two, mom and dad, thanks for all the food and candies. im like the most popular person in my hallway becasue everyone knows that i always have good food. most of its gone already evern though i got it like yesterday or two days ago. thanks.

i dont know y but i got the urge to just have stickers. alana sent me some and i want some to put on every letter, so mom dad hop on. and i mean like crazy amazingly, totaly cool stickers. byrce can help pick them.

i don't know the peru mailing address but you guys can find out online i think i be there the 17th so i'll try to write that first day if thye let me.

my emal won't change as long as im on my mission so you guys can send as many as you want, just keeep them short for now. i may be able to print them out and if i can then you can make it longer. but i wanna here from everyone a little to send some.

now im sorry i haven't sent letters to some people. i just need you to send it first so that i could send some since i didn't have your addresses. so if you don't wannna pay for postage just email me your address and ill write you all letters.

thanks to amanda, mom, dad, g-dog, byrce, rita, mom #2, anthony, luke, harrison, alana, pam and kirk, and melia, and dan for writing letters. i love to get letters. though i understand if you don't want to send to many will im in another country because postage goes up, but i hear theyll give us more time to email, so we'll see.

lastly, i still haven't heard from mike, jess, daniel, or a lots of other friends. whats up with that? it's ok but i do want to hear from you guys. im not that busy

ok i finished everything i had planned to say with five minutes left. so i'll write about whatever.

anthony, i loved you letter. email me you address so i can write back. you can keep emailing me, but i can only go through my parents unless i write. kinda special but what can you do. however, i hear that changes when i get to bolivia. we'll see. and get mike to write me.

amanda and family #2- wow. you guys know how to take care of me. thanks for everything. and i sent like eight letters so make sure you get them all.

mom and dad and my family- thanks for everything. make sure you get the pics and keep writting.

i only have 30 sec or id write more. \have fun and be safe

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