ok hi everyone again. so a lot to get through today cause i got my first work out in the field.

first of all, just wanna say that everyone who wants to write me should use dearelder.com or something like that. mom put it up so everyone can find it. it will come within a week or two but is practically garunteed to come to use, unlike the mail. i got one withint four days that dad sent it so if people wanna write it is free. dad mom and anyone else wholl use it a lot, if you pay four dollars a month they garuntee it to us in four days that its sent. good deal. only if you want. im not quite as desperate for mail here since they keep us busy all day long. i really have like no spare time, except for maybe a couple minutes after lunch and dinner. but thats good and the way i would have it.

so im sleeping better, thanks for your concern. this place is sweet because today p-day we spent two hours playing soccer and will probably spend another three hours out there. but who knows. i realize how old my body is though. after i play i get really sore and thinks that some of these young whipersnappers need to play easier. but i would never play any easier on them, so it works nicely.

ok. this saturday we got to spend out in the field in peru. me and my companion with one teachers and a lady from the ward territory we were in. we went and visited inaftives and did some contacting. it was a really cool and humbling experience. we got the poor part of town, but if any of you have seen peru, the nice part of town is ten times worse than the poor part of town in pheonix. so basically these people lived in nothing. it was good though i dont know why but i felt like home. not that my home reminded me out the place, just like those people were my family. it was cool. so since my companion still hadnt quite got the language down, and they want the missionaries to teahc i did a lot of talking. i understood mayber 80 percent of everything being said, which was more than enough to get by. the people we talked to listened and you could tell the ones that sincerly wanted to be at church but just couldnt afford not to work. however, we got everyone to accept our commitmehnt to go for at least one hour this coming week and see how things go. me and my companion defidently felt like we had a lot to work on though. contacting and just basic language for the stuff we need to teach. so we are working our butts off this week to make sure we will be perfectly ready for htis saturday. and i believe we will. i put more detail in my journal, im gonna try to make a copy of it and send it home, if not mom i wrote you a letter taht left here yesterday, it has all the details. get it up so people can see.

a couple of more things. one i hear that bolivia is becoming quite a hot spot with the political unrest stuff. the elections are in august and they say that they might break out into a war. if thats the case they wont keep us in bolivia. so just if any of you here about a war in bolivia, just know that i wont be there and ill be perfectly safe somewhere else. tehy dont expect a war its just a possibility.

two yesterday was the indenpendce day of peru. yay peru. founded 1821 one year after joseph smiths vision.

three, i got peruvian money, its crazy cool. i think i already had some though. i dont know how. the exchange rate is 2.8 so not quite as good as i had hoped. whats happening to the dollar over there guys.

oh, some of you expressed some concern about me coming over here and not dominating soccer just becasue htere were some peruvian people. uh no. can you maradona junior. ya. and humble.

again if any people wanna write use DearElder.com its good.

so im pretty sure i wrote everything i wanted to with 7 min left so im kinda excited.

we got a lot more cool pics coming your way whenever i send it to you guys. did you guys get the last ones. did everyone see them. cause they were crazy cool.

well well well i guess that all folks.

till next week

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