July 22 - MTC Peru

hey im writting from peru to let you guys know some stuff.

first of all im safe in the mtc and having a good time recovering from that horrible midnight flight.

this place is really cool and the food is better than at the mtc. some real peruvian food. its cool. peru on the other hand isn{t so cool. the place is crazy poor and all the drivers are worse than amanda when she started drivine, and thats saying something.

i cant wait however to get out on saturdays and start teaching. its a privelge here that they dont get in utah. im excited.

another cool thing is that they say we actually get to get a tour of the city one day. like regular tourists. thatll be cool

anyways my address here is something like this

Apartado Postal
Lima 12-Peru


Elder Taliercio
Bolivia Santa Cruz
Centro de Capacitacion Misional
Lima, Peru
Av. Melgarejo 159
La Molina, Lima, Peru

or you can send it pouch, which means not in an envelope just taped at the top to

Elder Taliercio
Bolivia Santa Cruz
Lima Peru MTC
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

they want us to tell you guys not to send packages. one we cant have food in our rooms anyways cause itll atract ant and cochroaches, to they say its expensive and wont get to us anyways. so send letters and if you want to get me anything they say to just put money into my acount and ill get it here. so i guess just talk to my ma if you wanna do that.

they also pay for my letters going out. cool. and we can write any day any time as long as were not in class. so expect some mail but not to much casue id feel bad having them pay for 100 letters

i played on the soccer field here. its turf but its really nice. i like it alot and will have fun i bet.

anth thanks for the address, ill get you a letter soon.

im tuesday is my p-day so expect another letter then.

send this to everyone and thanks for everything


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