Cambios (transfers), new room and a Pillow!

hi everyone

so this week was good.... like them all. but this week was also cambio week. and the results of this cambio are....... for me nothing. which is cool. i like my area and like my comp so I'm 100 percent ok with that. three people from our zone got changed. not very many which leads us all to believe that for the next one there will be a lot of changes. also bc that will be the last change b4 our new pres. shows up. so everyone thinks that the next change will be how things will be when the new president shows up.... if that makes any sense.

on other interesting news.... rumor has it that today or tomorrow they are gonna return all the Bolivia missionaries to their mission, if they had already been there. they are going to the interpol or Bolivian embassy to get things figured out for today and this Wednesday should be back in their mission. interesting stuff. another rumor says that they will return all the Bolivian missionaries when this next cambio ends. meaning the missionaries that never got to Bolivia.... so that's cool too. they say the only reason they don't send everyone together is to not hurt the mission that we're in, bc by now there are over 50 Bolivian missionaries, and bc they say it'll be easier to send the ones who've already had the visa to go there. so it'll take longer for us to get ours. but who knows ..... the rumors come from elder vickery, my old zone leader and now assistant to the president. but rumors from anyone are just rumors

so ya.. something else kinda cool. mommy Fierro, the wife of the pres. inspected rooms a little while back.. she said our room was way too small. it is but the hna. gave us another room to put a lot of our stuff, but mommy Fierro still wasn't happy. she told us to change rooms, we looked couldn't find anything. talk to the our pench and she said that she'll build us another room right next to the one we have and bigger. so we're gonna get a new room and stay in the same pench. so it's kinda cool. and we get to help build it. so in surco i put up roofs, and tore down roofs. and here I'm gonna learn to put up walls from bricks and wood.. so it'll be cool.... and they sent us a new bed. and pillows which helps a lot bc for my whole mission I've used my clothes as my pillow. it's not very comfortable but now i have one. yay me.

so as far as all else goes.... same old same old. we're working with our families but we have to teach very simply and repeat lessons a lot. but they're starting to go to church and other activities so we're excited. we have some amazing people. some great friends but they just progress so slowly but I'm practicing my patience and we have faith that all will turn out how it should.

OK i think that's about all. maybe...... yup. thanks to everyone for all the help and support and for being there to help me and my families. oooo and happy Easter. they totally don't do anything for that either so i had no idea it was Easter until this morning. Peruvians don't celebrate holidays it seems, or at least not very well. OK bye everyone

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