Working really hard and helping people progress

ok so yesterday they took away our pday so i couldn't write sorry, never know when the office will do it.

anyways thanks everyone for the birthday stuff. thanks for ur cards and packets and all sorts of good stuff. i felt really good here for it. the family I'm with treats me well. like a son. and since they're a bit racist and like Americans more than Latinos it was kinda funny. but ya.

so anyways the work here goes good. we have two with fecha for this 21 of feb and we'll see how it goes. we found a family of 8 this week and are working really hard to help them progress. i like solidaridad, its a fun area. the members are also helping us out a lot more than before. it's one thing I've learned how to do. work with members.

so this week i did my first exchange as a dl. it was ok. i think i coulda done better but for my first it was chill. the changes have to be for 24 hours so that's not cool but I'm sorta getting used to it. my district is absolutely amazing. like the best ever. no we don't have sisters 6 guys. but we work hard and get a ton of numbers and whatever. we are excited. here in solidaridad we are having people in the capilla and progressando. a ton of lessons and all sorts of good stuff.

outside of that not to much going on. Bryce I'm oober excited about ur papers. the second u get the call write an email and tell me that ur getting called to Boise Idaho or st Monica Kentucky. i don't know if there is a st Monica Kentucky or not. but let me know.

and ya so i don't have like any time cause i got 14 letters and spent it all reading them. sorry guys . i miss y'all a ton

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