New area, new comp and new position...

ok so a whole lot to go through and so little time still.

my new area ........

solidalidad, zona san juan de miraflores

my new position.........

freaking district leader

my new comp ...........

elder santi

ok so that being said i have no idea y I'm a district leader but I'm learning a lot and I'm excited for the new responsibility.

but now for the important stuff

my new comp is totally chill. elder santi is from Lima and works oober hard. I'm excited to finally have a comp a lot more regla than me. but he is always serious and kinda a joke to a lot of people here. but now with me he has a smile and we are working a lot better with everyone. it's a great area too. the area is solidalidad and it's a dope area. really poor and humble but bc of that everyone listens. so I'm a happy person. we can actually do contacts and find new people. who knows. but ya.... the problem with my area is

its a freaking mountain. it's like if we had 3 camelback mountains and put all three together, u get solidalidad. so ya that's fun. everyday climbing a mountain two or three times. if i wasn't loosing weight b4 just wait. I'm gonna be a twig. but the pench is totally awesome here. we live and pench with the same person and she is great. I'm excited to be here. really happy and glad that i have this opportunity.

so the work this week has been good. despite how good the area was i got here and the other elder left only one investigator. so santi and i have been looking and found 9 nuevos of which 4 went to the church yesterday. i swear I'm in heaven. the only other problem is that I'm the dl. the pres says everything is for revelation, but i don't know now. I'm excited but scared. the work is the same, but now i have to give lessons, baptism interviews, and informes, and a hole bunch of good stuff. but i am trying to get the hang of it.

so the pench gave me an idea something i wanna try. the packet that I've gotten have been inconsistently coming to me. some in two weeks others two months. they said that some elders had their family mail it to their house and they would go and pick it up. i wanna try it and see how it goes. the address is ....

Mz. J Lt. 12
Asociacion 27 de Julio
San Juan De Miraflores
Lima Peru

or so they tell me. but the trick is that u have to send it in the name of Ricardo Fernandez Santisteban. Because he will be the one to pick it up and they need to see an id to give the packets. i wanna see how long it takes. ma if u could i don't know if u have a packet or anything to send me but when u do let me know and i wanna try it. anybody else that might possibly wanna send a package send it to the office for now. and thanks to everyone for the packages and letters.

now there was something else but i fo, never mind i remember now. my birthday is like one week away or something like that. i don't really care to much about it, never have. but my pench says that if i don't take the afternoon off for the surprise birthday party that they are planning, she's gonna feed me spinach soup for the rest of the time I'm there. she treats us good and we'll see how it goes. it'll be fun I'm sure so no worries bout that. 20 years old. i can't believe it.

what else. i do miss surco. just soes y'all know. i love it here in solidalidad but surco was great too. i wanna go back but the work will go smoother here. hopefully more fruits of my labors, and definitely more sweat.

so ya. thanks to everyone for all the help, prayers, letters and info on the cardinals. brother nelson at least will understand my pain if the cardinals go on to win the superbowl. why do they have to wait till i left tho. but that's life. like you said.... taking one for the team. enjoy it for me.

I'll talk to y'all next week and try to send some fotos.

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Anonymous said...

District Leader! Congratulations! I'm not at all surprised....he is an amazing young man and of course, an amazing missionary!
love and hugs,