Happy New Year's from Peru

hey everybody and happy new year's

just ya chilling out here in Peru. for new year's i spent it with the family that we live with. they are totally cool and we bought fireworks and other cool stuff and set Peru on fire. but literally because people make these life size dolls and set them on fire. so you look down the street and see like 10 people burning. kinda cool. and ya i'll send the videos to u all soon. just gotta have someone put it on a cd and all that other good stuff.

and ya outside of that with this new years, i wont change to much. i have a feeling they are gonna change me from surco the 19th but all the members say no. i don't know if its because they like me that much or that they just don't really get along with my comp. who knows but either way with 4 months and a half in surco, I'm sorta ready to go. the areas really small so to be here such a long time is hard, because I've talked to everyone already and am making second rounds, it seems. but nevertheless not my will but his be done.

that being said i don't want people to think that surco isn't amazing. it's the best. i love my ward the members and they are totally great to us. they remind me of my wards there. so i am very happy.

the work goes good. in the last two weeks we found 18 new investigators and this week were teaching them all. have a lot of lessons and so things are going good. but they don't want to go to church. we go to pick them up and they don't answer or someone else does and says they left, and ya. so we still have that problem, but are trying to figure out some way to get it fixed. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

and ya, so I'm learning a ton. i cant believe how much I've learned about the history of everything since being here. i cant lie, I've studied some books about history and other stuff of Peru and of the bible and man, I've learned more than i did in college. but i still have a lot to learn. mostly the language tho. still need to improve but I'm getting better

and ya, so i think that's all. here they do some cool little new year's thing. you get 12 grapes, one for each month and with each one that you eat u get one wish. so i got twelve wishes. hahahhashah, did anyone else? but ya so i was very happy. and am. thanks to everyone for all u do. i wish u a very happy and prosperous new year.


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