GO CARDINALS! and a new assignment

ok everybody.

first of all and most importantly...........

GO CARDINALS. gonna win a superbowl and only waited till the year i leave to do it. send my thanks to the coach. how many years have I rooted for them waiting for a year when they make the playoffs and now look as soon as i leave. it's almost as bad as the star wars movie coming out while i was gone. almost but not quite.

anyways. second most important. i have a change. don't know where or as what or with who. just a change. so I'm happy and sad. i don't wanna leave the members, because they have been absolutely the best for me. but that being said, to stay in surco for six months would be horrible. and the reason for that is because surco is really small. now just soes y'all know how small. we're talking, from pinnacle peak rd. to los gatos. that wide. and then up to the mountain. really it's like a little rectangle. from one corner to the other is 40 min walking. so I'm happy to be going to a new area. I've basically knocked every door here. people i don't even remember know me. walking down the street and random people shout elder talercio. nobody says the "i" here. but ya. some even know my first name. don't really understand how though.

so today at 130 I'm getting my new area and comp. today and a lot of this week has been saying goodbyes to people. i sorta figured it would be better safe than sorry and it turned out to be the right choice. so i leave my area in the hands of elder chafloque. I'm more confident in him than the members. almost everyone has asked, cant he leave instead of you. but i tell them that elder chafloque is twice the elder i am and really they should be happy he is staying and not me. most think that i say that just to be nice. but i honestly believe it. i look back at what I've done here and i feel like i coulda shoulda done more. like i had opportunities and let them slip. i did my best though so i leave happy . i think they'll send a lider here though. the prez said he wants a leader in surco so we'll see. it's a good area, one that i really wanna come back to after the mission. and the hna that we live with has already offered me a room for 100 dollars a month. she says for me shell kick out whatever elders are there. her and her family have been the best thing about surco for me. they are like a third family now. mom number 3, mas o menos. but she said that after me she never wants to talk to the missionaries again, bc she said that she oober sad, and doesn't wanna be sad. so she wont talk to the others. obviously it's sorta a joke. she probably won't talk as much, or invite to as many things and whatever, but shes a great person and the missionaries are lucky to be there. she was even planning my birthday party. kinda funny. but that's part of the mission.

lets see, o ya. i got more packets. thank u mom number two and melia, dan alana, ian, gdog, mike and of course the all powerful amanda. i loved everything. it's the greatest feeling in the world when u ask for something u need, like ties, and then now i have over 70. i had 5 for like 6 weeks and now i can go a different tie everyday, for a whole cambio. that's cool.....

what else, go cardinals. superbowl champions or superbowl losers either way it's history. and i do love history. that's a knee slapper. for me anyways. maybe an inside joke. i might actually be the only person in the world who thinks that's funny and now I'm talking a lot about it and for everyone else this is probably boring.

so ya a change of topic. so i think that's all

surco has been a great area for me. not a ton of success, if u count success by baptisms. 4 but i feel good about what I've done. i think that's the most important. thanks to everyone for all ur help, how do u spell support or sapport... I'm gonna go with support but nobody can make fun of me if I'm wrong. but ya support and prayers and everything. and ya tomorrow we start in a new area. i'll let y'all know how it is next week

pajarin cama... which is quechuan for hasta manana
i don't know how to say till next week. so that will be good enough i think

o and my name in quechuan is jasonki talierkanchis
or something like that

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