Earthquakes are like blending smoothies

ok so wat is up everybody.

so this week was a good week. we got some good investigators last week and are working with them. we want to put the baptism date for one the 29th whcih would give us two for that date. were excited to have soem people progressing again. however we have one guy who has a lot of problems with drugs and watever, but he really wants to change. its cool to see that he is leaving all that stuff behind and starting to change his life. his grandma is the one we want to put a fecha for the 29th and if all goes well, he can be baptized in december. but well see.

i looked at and saw the thing and it is amazingly sweet. whoever is working on that or started it or helped with it at all, thank u and its really great. on that note, i really liked the countdown thing. it was funny to see exactly how much time, to the second, i have left in the mission. the time passes quick thouhg.

about the earthquakes here, not quite earthquakes. more 5 sec shakes. like blending a smoothie. some places are a lot worse than others but where i am we barely feel them. so no needs to worry bout any of those. but we have had like 5 since ive been in surco, kinda cool.

o ya obama. the people here really liked him till i explained a little bit about how hes for abortion and all that. it was funny that all they ever hear is good things about him, but everyone asked why utah was for mccain and i explained y and they all changed their mind. but i like obama and hope things go good with him as pres. and if they dont i wont be there anyways so i dont need to worry bout it.

ya i think thats about all. just something else real quick. luke i heard bout ur soccer goal. really cool beans buddy. keep playing soccer so that when u get called on a mission u can start out a little better than me. o which reminds me. ma ur gonnna love this. this sat we had a activity with the young men. officially it counted as a missionary activity so they let us go. soccer obviously. well me being me, played with my heart as always. welll me and one other kid crashed like pretty hard. his knee got the inside of mine and we both went down. poor kid though didnt get any help cause everyone was worried bout the missionary who was hurt. but it ended up not being something to bad. sorta just hit my knee to sleep. it was funny cause i couldnt move it for like 3 min, everyone was really scared. but ya it got better real quick. like always. and ma u know me, i kept playing. never give up, ya know. and we can apply that to more than sports.

well thats all. bye and thanks for everything

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