Halloween in Lima

ok everyone, thanks for all ur letters and help.

i don't have much time at all today cause the office is making us send pics to them so they can make a Christmas cd for us all. that'll be cool but it takes away like 5 min from me today

sorry blame them

but on that note not to much happened this week in terms of work. i got some cool pics of halloween but the people here don't really celebrate it. i was going crazy. i bought a bunch of candy and gave it to anyone with a costume. like a lot. they loved me. at one point i had like 15 kids huddled around me like a mob. it was kinda cool.

in terms of work we did 51 contacts. which wouldn't seem like a lot but for surco its a ton. we were knocking doors for hours to get them too. very stubborn the people here

in terms of me I'm doing fine. loving the work loving Peru and loving my study time. me studying, not gonna hear that to much after the mission i think. but who knows

i want to thank everyone for ur letters and help and support and for not criticizing my bad inglish in these letters, especially when i spell english wrong. but ya.

the baptism date got pushed back bc of the dad but it'll be for the 29th which is still good. we have some others but they are progressing really slowly.

well i gots to go, thanks again for all ur help. i really miss my two wards there. i think about both everytime i go to church. how great they were. i wish all the members here would be that strong and willing to support our investigators the way u all supported me. if that were the case the work here would be amazing. talk to ya later

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