Don't mind eating fish anymore

ok hi everybody.

so this week was really cool. we got two people with fecha for the 29th of this month so that's really cool excited for that. ill baptize one and utia the other, so well have some good pics too. I'm trying to send some pics and take some more than i had before. i figure some people may really want to see this amazingly good looking face more. just kidding.

i got a lot of questions to ask and for once enough time to answer them all, i think.

i still haven't seen the doc but i don't mind too much. things are getting better with my knee and foot and I'm just taking some ibuprofen to help out if it ever gets to bad. they say with the holidays its really hard to visit the doc, so ill wait till after, if the pain and whatever is still there.

also i still haven't gotten the package, they say if it weighs more than 5 lbs it'll take 6 to 8 weeks so if anyone wants to send one, probably be best to keep it light. the address is
Av. Jorge Basadre 592 - Piso 6 OF 604 A, Casilla 14-0293, San Isidro, Lima Peru
Ave Jorge Basadre 592, Oficina 604-A, Edificio Torre Azul, San Isidro, Lima, Peru
either one of those two or so they tell me. id check online and see if it says.

on pdays we gather as a zone and just chill mostly. play soccer, eat and go to internet. sometimes we try to play other sports today were gonna do some acting or something like that. jsut have some fun as a zone and then break off and do our shopping or sleeping depending on how hard the week was. but in any case it is a very fun day.

there are 10 or 12 missionaries in my zone, i forget how many and don't wanna stop to think, and yes we have hermanas. yes i love the people and the food. they both are pretty sweet. at first it was hard to adjust but now that I'm getting the hang of it, i hate to say it but i don't mind eating vegetables or fish too much at all anymore. who says miracles don't exist. but ya. our ward is chill but in a casa capilla, so kinda small. however they're constructing a new building for the ward that will be done in like 5 months and everyone is really excited for that.

my spanish is getting better like always. i have become like a perfectionist and wish i wouldn't make mistakes but i still do . i get really mad sometimes but i think about that in five months somebody cant learn a new language and for only five months I'm doing pretty good, well above some of the other guys from my group anyways. i read and basically live in spanish, except wen I'm with the other missionaries from my zone. me and my dl have developed a good friendship but we mostly talk in english. hes leaving in less than 50 days tho so im kinda sad. hes from az too so that's cool. our zone actually has 3 americans from az. and one from idaho.

my comp doesn't speak any english. and he doesn't wanna learn but that's actually good for me bc i still need to practice spanish so i don't wanna speak english anyways.

o ya, about Christmas. the mission does some cool stuff and gives us a cd with all the elders in it so thatll be something I'm looking forward to. i think my pic will be the one with me kissing that little girl. who is the sister of one of our con fechas by the way. they are a really cool family, who always feeds us. the mom and dad are both chefs but both work all day with sea food. so ya i think that's y i don't mind it to much. ill get the details about calls and whatever later.

and i think that's about it. thanks everyone for all the help and support, letters and love. and ill talk to u next week. bye

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