the work is good

so my first interview with the pres and it was kinda quick. they say all the elders first ones are. it was good, he pepped me up a bit and layed down the law like hes trying to do with all the missionaries. something kinda cool, my comp will most likely be the district leader here or somewhere else. this is the last week of this change and its almost guaranteed i stay here, elder utia also, but hell be the dl. so that's cool.

this week was good. we are working with some inactive families who have some sons and daughters that aren't baptized and that's how were getting most of our investigators. contacting, while I'm getting a lot better finally, still is relatively ineffective here in surco since it's a richer part. but we still get some success from it.

in terms of packages, send anything to the mission office. they take care of anything. but be careful with the packages. most missionaries put a pic of Jesus or a saint cause it means the people wont touch it. also the packages shouldn't be to big, especially coming form the us bc they think it has a lot of rich stuff. so just be careful but thanks for helping me out.

still nobody with baptism dates but we have two that say they want to be baptized they just wanna learn a little bit more. were gonna get them a fecha this week at least one for sure. so the work goes on. this week the apostle christofferson is coming here for a devotional on wed. so thatll be something else. excited for that ya know. my first devotional with an apostle. cool beans

outside of that not much, just wanna say hi to luke and harrison, alana, ian saige and alexis, and all the other ones who are to young to know that I'm saying hi to them. I'm miss u all and be good.

so ya thanks everyone for all ur support and help

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Pam said...

Hey mom, the site looks good. You just need to change a couple of things, mainly the stuff that says Bolivia. It's on the right hand side of the page. Other than that, it's quite impressive!