Eating all this weird stuff (10/13/08)

whats up y'all-

I think this week was kinda a bust for me and Elder Utia. we worked hard but I was kinda sick, when I was feeling good he was sick. our investigators kinda fell through and we had to go to the office a bunch to get some things like money and stuff figured out, which took away from our work time. Something kinda funny, even though I'm eating all this stuff i don't like, fruit fish and veggies, Elder Utia is the one who is getting sick to his stomach, he's thrown up like 3 or 4 times this week. that's life. but...

through all of that this week we hope to feel better and we will work. we're gonna find so many people to teach it's not funny. and we have some investigators that are getting all the lessons just won't go to church. they will. we'll do whatever it takes. it's about time Surco got some oober hard working missionaries and this week, sick or healthy, we'll show them they have some.

now to answer some questions.

basically all is chill here. me and utia get along great. except when peru lost to bolivia and argentina beat uruguay, he wasn't happy. but we joke around a lot and are like brothers. but he's not like bryce, miss ya buddy. but ya, our pench kinda stinks, that's our food lady. always green stuff with onions or fish. every meal has something we don't want but what can you do. they are supposedly gonna build a new chapel for our ward, but I'll be gone before they finish. and i live in a little community along a road called jorge chavez. in surco, by a military base. so that might help find me on google map.

I actually do have some requests this week. i lost my triple. that is Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price. left it on a bus. somebody got a very cool book. but ya, so i can't get a new one anywhere but the temple and we never go. so ya, also a quechuan dictionary translation book thing. where were staying in our house the hna. speaks quechuan and boy am I determined to learn. I'm even reading the BofM in quechuan, if you count knowing 6 words every 3 verses reading. also ma do you remember that electric shaver u got me, left the charger there at home. sounds like me. some mouthwash cause its crazy expensive here, gel, sounds like me again, air freshners, cause our room smells like soggy wood, cause it is soggy wood. and some ties and coloring books. the kids here like coloring books, and I like ties and have actually given away most of the ties I had to members. especially since the general conference when they said members need to be dressed better for the sacrament. so ya. if you could that would help a ton. i still have a bunch of everything so no worries, just those things would be cool.

outside of that I wanna thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and any other type of help that your giving to me. I really help. my comps girlfriend broke up with him so he thanks you too. we need any type of help we can get.

I think that's all, until next week
Elder Taliercio

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