Baptisms and new way of getting contacts


that's to sayge and alexis. it says hi back and that they are both pretty amazingly awesome too. and so are the other sobrinos que tengo.

so how's everyone doing. thanksgiving this week and peru doesn't celebrate it so we did nothing for it. it was good though. another day of work.

so this week we had two baptisms again. but this time they are officially my investigators and i taught them all the way through. it's cool to find them, teach em and baptize them. and i did baptize both of them. the other missionaries sorta said i should and both agreed. utia just didn't wanna get into the cold water. and it was cold. but after the first 5 min in it it seemed normal. and why was two baptisms taking longer than 5 min? because since one was really old and sorta fat, she didn't bend. so i attempted to baptize her 5 times. that was isabel. but the fifth time worked fine and that was that. poor linda, ten years, was so cold that right after i baptized her she came up and jump on me. like how a girlfriend would jump on a boyfriend she hasn't seen in a long time. it was kinda funny. so i had to carry her out of the fount and ya. it was really cool. sunday they both got confirmed and a lot more friends. so we're really excited.

so i don't think i mentioned that our zone is trying something different than the rest of the mission. we didn't wanna count contacts and came up with a strategy, which is pme, which doesn't talk about contacting at all, and we are focusing on pme the indicadores claves. so it's focus on what's important. the reason is bc the leaders would burn the missionaries if they weren't doing their 100 contacts. and in surco u can't do 100 contacts. but we were getting better numbers in the key numbers, like with member, others, references, and new members. so we talked with the pres and pleaded our case and he gave us permission to try this new system. and this first week all the numbers have increased across the zone. so we're all really excited.

on that note, cambios this week. probably elder utia is leaving surco and i stay but you never know. next week when i write i'll know only if I'm getting changed or not. i won't know where or with who. but if nothing changes, not likely, i'll let u know.

for that reason I'm kinda scared. me and elder utia are getting really good at teaching and with this new system we're having a lot more success. so I'm just worried a new person or area will change that. but we'll see. no matter what happens the work goes on and we adapt.

so it's kinda cool, a lot of the people have Christmas lights on their houses and Christmas trees. so it's one holiday that peru and us celebrate the same. finally. i was getting tired of celebrating holidays with 5 other people. but ya i hope i stay in surco two more cambios so that I'm here for Christmas and my birthday. that would be the best. so we'll see how it works. i'll find out on saturday nite

and that's that i think. anything else. i don't think so. thanks everyone for ur support and letters and all that other good stuff. it helps a lot. i'll talk to u next week

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