I'll go where you want me to go...Bolivia or Peru Lima South

and the results of this cambios cambio is...................

Utia is leaving surco and elder taliercio is staying. another six weeks in surco for me at the least. it's really good bc I'll be here for Christmas and new years. and if i stay one more I'll be here my bday too. that would be the best but that's thinking too far ahead. we find out today at 2 where he goes and who my new comp is. I'm scared and excited at the same time.

but that's part of the mission I'm sad thought that elder utia is leaving. he's been a great comp and has taught me a lot. he left with 5 of the 8 baptisms in the ward so far this year. so the ward really loved him. we spent the last two days saying goodbye to investigator and members. and they're giving him a lot of gifts and whatever. so I'm sorta excited for when i get changed. all i need to do is get more baptisms than he did.

and on that note, its very likely that i will bc, we found one family. that is like golden. they contacted us, and almost all her family is member but in arequipa, another part of peru, outside the mission. so they are a family of 4. also eloy really wants to be baptised we're just waiting for the time to get to the end of dec. or a little later. we have a bunch of other people we're teaching. this new no contacting system is really help the work in surco. some number that don't count for us as missionaries that have really gone up is inactives returning to the ward. this cambio we had like 10 families return to the church. it's been good. we might not get all the baptisms but we building up the church. so i think its still good work. and they're giving us lots of references so its working in a sense. but people progress slowly here in surco. i love surco though. id be happy staying here all my mission. but the time will soon come for a change and I'll be happy wherever i go. it's the same thing, i wasn't happy with being in Peru Lima sur at first but now i love it. i almost don't even wanna go to Bolivia even if i get the chance. but what I've learned is that we go where God wants us. it's that simple. there is a plan and the steps are in front of us. all we gotta do is keep going ya know. and it helps to have a good attitude bout things. the mission is hard and missionaries have a lot more problems than i though they did, but with a good attitude the problems become easy to overcome. so keep a good attitude everyone and just keep going. the problems are for our good. I've learned that.

and ya on that good note time is almost up. thanks for all ur prayers support and help. as always i wanna let u all know its very appreciated and it helps a lot. . till next week

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