Happiness in the Gospel

hey everyone this is gonna be a really short letter.

i sorta wanna write back to everyone whose been sending me letters. we'll see how i do. anyways this week was great. i learned so much that i know will help me throughout my life. the thing that hit me the most was when i was in a cambio with another elder from my district and i went there hoping to help him understand some things but i came back to my area so much more filled with knowledge than I've ever been before. i know without a doubt what i wanna do for the rest of my life. i love the gospel. I've made mistakes and I'll always make mistakes but i will never let anything get in the way of the fact that i can be with my family forever. and god. that's nice too. it's amazing how this just hit me reading something i must have read 20 times before. this time just straight to my heart. and it's gonna change me more than most people can imagine.

anyways john cesar peralta rivas got baptized this week- i was very excited and he is such a great young kid. i know he'll be active and a great help to the church in the future.

this Sunday i had a talk at church. and it was a good one. my best i think. it was weird cause i planned to talk about one thing, had scriptures and everything and then talk about something else. but everyone was just eyes open dead quiet listening. to be honest i don't remember much of what i said but i remember feeling power in the word that came out of my mouth. i talked about repentance and about how the church needs to be a family for us. kinda ironic for the situation i find myself in. the talk honestly was more for me i think than for the members. but i think they got a lot out of it.

this letter has been kinda weird and a little short. just know everyone that I'm thankful for everything I've learned from the gospel. i know it's true. i know it. I'll do anything to make sure for the rest of my life i can live it. and then to share it with everyone i can. it really brings happiness.

talk to you

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